Difference Between MTN TruTalk & BetaTalk – Benefits & Migration Codes

Difference between MTN Tru Talk and Beta Talk

Difference between MTN Tru Talk and Beta Talk

If you are using the MTN mobile network, you might have come across the tariff plans, MTN TruTalk, and MTN BetaTalk on several occasions. Maybe you are wondering if they are different names for the same thing. No, they are not. Both TruTalk and BetaTalk are good tariff plans for calls on the network, but they have features and offers that set them apart from each other. So let’s go ahead to see what are the Differences between mtn Tru Talk and Beta Talk.

TruTalk – No bonus on recharges.
Betatalk – Data and airtime bonus on every recharge.

TruTalk – N7.17 daily service charge.
Betatalk – No daily service charge.

TruTalk – Call rate: 11.26kobo/sec (after a daily fee of N7), 15.36kobo/sec
Betatalk – Call rate: 32.50k/sec (main account), 73k/sec (bonus account), N45/min (SIM activation bonus account)

TruTalk – Normal data rates.
Betatalk – Data rate: N15.36 per MB (main account), N10 per MB (bonus account), N1/MB (SIM Activation bonus account)

TruTalk – All minutes are charged from the main account.
Betatalk – The first five minutes are charged from the main account first before the bonus account can be used, daily.

TruTalk – Not eligible for access to Special 40 MB for N50 and 250 MB for N200 data bundles.
Betatalk – Access to Special 40 MB for N50 and 250 MB for N200 data bundles.

TruTalk – N1,000 IM Activation bonus is not available
Betatalk – Eligible for N1,000 SIM Activation Bonus valid for 7 days after SIM activation.

TruTalk – Free migration any number of times
Betatalk – Free migration only one in a month. A fee of N102 for subsequent migrations after your first migration in a month.

TruTalk – Migration code: *400#, *123*2*6#, Text “TT” to the number 131.
Betatalk – Migration code: Dial *123*2*1#, Text “BT” to the number 131.

If you are looking for a tariff plan that offers good call rates, then you should go for MTN TruTalk. MTN BetaTalk is best if you are looking to balance calls with data usage as well. The differences between TruTalk and BetaTalk are explained better below for further understanding.

MTN TruTalk

TruTalk is a tariff plan on the MTN network that offers subscribers a call rate of 11.26 kobo/sec for all local calls within Nigeria for a daily access fee of N7.17 meaning after paying a charge of N7.17, you call anybody on any network within Nigeria at 11 k/s for the rest of the day.

This daily fee is only charged on your first call of the day and not at the start of the day. So if you end up not making any calls in a day, you would have wasted no fee. If your airtime is below the daily fee of N7 on your first call of the day, your call rate will be charged at 15.36k/sec.

On TruTalk, you also get a free 10MB data bonus every month, credited on your first recharge or first call of the month. This is valid for 30 days.

To enjoy this service, you need to be on the TruTalk plan. To migrate to MTN TruTalk, dial the USSD code *400# on your phone. Or dial the direct USSD *123*2*6# to migrate to TruTalk.

You can also send the code “TT” to the number 131 to migrate to MTN TruTalk. Alternatively, if you have the myMTN app installed on your phone. Follow the steps below to migrate.

  • Open and log in to the app. Or login on the myMTN website at https://mymtn.com.ng
  • Go to My Plans
  • Click on Other plans
  • Now from the list, click on MTN TruTalk.

Migrating to MTN TruTalk is free of charge. You can migrate from other plans to TruTalk as many times as you want without paying any migration charge.

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Code to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan + Call & Data Benefits

MTN BetaTalk

MTN BetaTalk is a tariff plan that offers bonus rewards to users on every recharge. Any recharge below N100 comes with an additional 300% airtime bonus and 200% Data bonus. Recharge from N100 and above and you will be credited with an additional 300% airtime bonus and data bonus beginning from 20 MB to 200 MB depending on the amount you recharge.

For instance, a recharge of N50 will give you N150 (300%) bonus airtime and N100 (200%) bonus data. N100 will give you N300 (300%) bonus airtime and 20 MB of bonus data. To check balance and bonuses Dial *556# or *559*43#. Or text ‘2’ to 131

Your first 5 minutes every day are charged from your main account at a flat rate of 32.50k/sec. After which calls are charged from the airtime bonus at a rate of 73k/sec, and data from the data bonus at a rate of N10 per MB.

BetaTalk also offers a free 10MB Data Bonus every month credited on your first recharge or call of the month. But in addition to that, an exclusive data offer. Being on BetaTalk offers access to special data bundles exclusive to only those on the plan.

  • Get 40MB for N50 valid for 1 day. Dial *131*1*1# or SMS B30 to 131.
  • Get 250MB for N200 valid for 2 days. Dial *131*113# or *131*1*1# or SMS 113 to 131.

Migrating to BetaTalk after buying and activating a new line will grant you a N1,000 SIM activation bonus. This gives you N800 for Voice calls & SMS and a N200 data bonus for national calls and SMS and data, valid for 7 days counting from the day of SIM activation

Also, get a 10% airtime bonus when you recharge via the following channels.

  • Bank Account option
  • Debit Card option
  • MyMTN app
  • Debit Card option
  • TopUp Card option.
  • MTNOnDemand (*904#)

To enjoy all of the above benefits you need to be on the Betatalk plan. To migrate to BetaTalk, do the following;

  • Dial the direct USSD code *123*2*1# on your phone. Or text the code “BT” to 131. Alternatively, use the myMTN app or myMTN Web to migrate to BetaTalk.
  • Login
  • Got to other plans
  • Select BetaTalk from the list of tariff plans.

Note: you will be charged a fee of N102 after your first migration in a month.

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