Airtel Talk More Code for 500% Bonus 2023 + Balance & Deactivation

Airtel talk more code

The Airtel TalkMore Bundles gives you five times the call value. That is, you get a 500% value of the cost of a bundle when you purchase it. So you are simply multiplying your airtime by five for use for calls and SMS. The Talkmore Bundles can be used for both local calls at 60 kobo/sec within Nigeria and international calls to the USA, UK, Canada, China, and India. You can also use the bundle for browsing as well.

Both Prepaid and Postpaid users can purchase the Talkmore bundle. To purchase Talkmore bundles dial the Airtel Talkmore code *234# and choose your desired bundle from the USSD menu. Or you can dial the Airtel Talkmore code followed by the unique code for the desired bundle. i.e *234 bundle code followed by #. For instance, dial *234*60# for the N60 Talkmore bundle.

You can also dial the Airtel Talkmore Direct Recharge code, *126*1*Recharge PIN# to buy an Airtel Talkmore bundle directly with an airtime recharge pin. This is only available for recharge PIN vouchers from N100, N200, N300, N500, and N1000. So if you want bundle values that are not available as a recharge voucher, say N150, you have to dial the Talkmore bundle code.

Below is the list of Airtel Talkmore bundle codes. Each code is specific to a bundle and comes just after dialing 126.

Airtel talk more code

– N300 value for N60, dial *234*60#

– N500 value for N100, dial *234*100#

– N750 value for N150, dial *234*150#

– N1,000 value for N200, dial *234*200#

– N1,250 value for N250, dial *234*250#

– N1,500 value for N300, dial *234*300#

– N2,500 value for N500, dial *234*500#

– N3,500 value for N700, dial *234*700#

– N5,000 value for N1,000, dial *234*1000#

– N7,500 value for N1,500, dial *234*1500#

– N15,000 value for N3,000, dial *234*30#

Note: All bundles are valid for a period of 30 days except the N60 for the N300 bundle which has a validity period of 3 days.

You can purchase more than one Airtel Talkmore bundle. So you do not have to wait till the present bundle in use is exhausted before you buy a new one. Multiple purchases can be made and they will be added cumulatively to your Talkmore bundle balance.

If you purchase multiple Talkmore bundles, the validity of your bundle balance will be the validity of the last purchased Talkmore bundle. For instance, if your current Airtel Talkmore bundle has just 10 days of validity remaining and you purchased another bundle again, the validity of your balance will now be 30 days.

Before buying a Talkmore bundle, you should know you cannot use it for any other purpose other than to call and browse. So trying to multiply your airtime to purchase data will not work. Neither can you transfer it to another user.

Airtel talk more balance code

To check your Airtel Talkmore bundle balance you will need to dial the Airtel Talkmore balance code instead of the default Airtel balance code.

The Airtel Talkmore balance code is *123*5#. So when you dial the USSD code on your phone, you will be shown your Talkmore bundle balance. The validity of the remaining balance will also be displayed.


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Airtel talk more code to deactivate

There is no Airtel Talkmore code to deactivate. Once you have purchased an Airtel Talkmore bundle, it stays in your balance until it is exhausted or it reaches the end of the bundle validity period. You cannot cancel a purchased bundle.

To deactivate Airtel Talkmore, just stop purchasing Talkmore bundles. Recharge your airtime vouchers using the normal recharge code *126*PIN# to continue enjoying the normal recharge benefits tied with the tariff plan you are on.

Airtel Talkmore is not a tariff plan, but rather a 500% recharge bundle that is available to all prepaid and postpaid customers. All Airtel customers, whether new or existing customers, regardless of their tariff plan can get an Airtel Talkmore bundle. It is not tied to or exclusive to only a particular group on the Airtel network. So there is no code to activate or deactivate Airtel Talkmore other than not to purchase the bundle.

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