Code to Check UBA Account Number With Your Phone for Free 2023

Uba code to check account number

Code to check UBA account number

The code to check your UBA account number is a simple one that works through without any bit of hassle whatsoever. Whether or not you have data, this service will go though nevertheless. All you need to have is a SIM that connects you to as service you can dial with. Also, no matter where you are in Nigeria, this service will still remain within your reach! This code to check your UBA account number is simpler and less stressful in comparison to the mobile banking application.

How to check uba account number using code

If you have ever been burdened as to how you can check your UBA account number, here is the way out!

  • Dial *919# Ensure that you use the phone number with which you used to register your bank account!
  • You will be required to offer any of the following details—your mobile number, your name in full, your bank verification number, your email address, your date of birth, etc.—so that the bank can ascertain that it is indeed you.
  • Almost immediately, you will receive a message containing your account number on the registered line. If you don’t have the telephone number that connects to your account, you might first have to consult your bank for help before you can work with this code.

The code above is approved by the salient telecommunication services in Nigeria—Glo, Mtn, Airtel and Etisalat.

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How to know my UBA account number

You might also have forgotten your UBA account number, probably because you have several accounts or because you just stopped using it at some point in time. It’s simple! On the techniques on how to know your uba account number, let’s go through the following steps.

  • Check it online: For this step, you might have to reach out to the customer care service of the UBA bank. You could use the mail media, or through a live conversation with any of the officers. From there, you will be opportune to request for your Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN). You might also be asked to offer information that confirms the fact that you own an account with UBA. A few of these details include:

– Your full name.

– The phone number that is linked to your account.

– The name of your next of kin.

– Your date of birth

– The name of the branch you first registered your account at.

– Your residential address.

Once you can provide all of these details, the officer would then proceed to inform you of your account number.

  • You could go to any branch of the bank that’s proximal to you: This option also involves most of the steps listed above. The only difference is that this one involves a physical meeting between you and the bank officer.
  • You could also start up a chat on Whatsapp or Facebook with UBA financial assistant Leo through this Link

In Summary

How can I check my uba account number?

To check your UBA account number simply dial *919# and provide the details that will be requested from you so that the bank can ascertain that it is indeed you. Once you do that, you will receive a message containing your account number on the registered line.


These three steps are the only three ways apart from the one which was first discussed, the use of codes by which you can check and know your UBA account number. If this post was helpful to you, don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post and also comment below if it worked for you.

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