Code for 9MOBILE NIN Registration 2023: How to Link It With Your Phone

Code to link NIN to 9mobile

code for 9mobile nin registration

The Nigerian National Identification Number (NIN) can be said to be a unique number issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). It’s expected that each Nigerian is enrolled and issued the NIN for the aim of all-round identification, for example, the linking of the unique NIN to your 9Mobile number and other network providers. In recent times and perhaps within the nearest future, this number is to be linked with every individual activity including banking transactions. Stay tuned as you get to know the code for 9mobile NIN registration.

Do not forget that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had mandated telecommunication operators to block all 9Mobile (and other) SIM cards that aren’t registered with the National Identity Numbers; this is meant to have taken effect at the beginning of the year but due to ignorance of the majority on how to link NIN to 9Mobile (formally Etisalat) line and the intervention of the senate, it was postponed to this time of the year. So, if you are yet to link your NIN to your 9Mobile number, you need to take urgent action on this instruction shared in this post on the code for 9Mobile NIN registration.

In this article, we’ve outlined practical ways involved in retrieving and linking your NIN to the 9mobile line in particular via the USSD code or through other online platforms.

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Code to get or retrieve NIN on 9mobile

If you already have access to your NIN number, then you can proceed to the next sub-heading which gives full instructions on how to register 9mobile Sim with NIN. However, if you have have a NIN and want to get access or retrieve it using your 9mobile sim card, see how to do that below.

To retrieve or get access to your NIN, use the following simple steps;

  • Dial *346# on your phone
  • Enter ‘1’ to navigate to NIN Retrieval Option (if the telephone number you’re dialing from was used during your NIN registration).
  • Enter ‘2’ to navigate to the NIN Search option (if you’ve lost your number; you’ll be required to input the number of your registration details)

Once you’ve been able to retrieve your NIN, congratulations!!! Then we can move on to the next stage which will unreservedly reveal to you the code to link your retrieved NIN number to your 9mobile phone number.

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How to link nin to etisalat (9mobile)

9mobile (which is formally known as Etisalat) NIN registration code can be done using three (3) different methods. All three methods are aimed at 9Mobile NIN registration and linking with your phone number. The methods to get this done are listed below:


  • The USSD code that you can use to link NIN to 9mobile is *200*8#. Ensure this code is pressed on the 9mobile number that you want to link to your NIN.

9mobile online NIN registration portal

  • You can get your 9Mobile NIN registered and linked by just making use of your internet-enabled phone or computer, just navigate to the URL  and get this done using just a few clicks of a button.

Visit the 9Mobile Customer Care Nearest to You

  • The last method that we will use to answer your question about the code for 9mobile NIN registration is that you should visit the 9Mobile customer care center that is nearest to you. Probably you are not sure of the 9Mobile customer care center that is close to you, just go to and search for “9Mobile Customer Care Center Near Me” (ensure you put the location icon of your smartphone on before searching this inquiry).

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In Summary

How do I link etisalat/9mobile to NIN?

The ussd code to link you NIN to your 9mobile or etisalat line *200*8#. Ensure this code is pressed on the 9mobile number that you want to link to your NIN.


That’s the code for 9mobile nin registration, ensure to link all your 9mobile line and other lines with nin to avoid disconnection. Hope this post was helpful to you, do well to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post, your comments will also be appreciated.

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