Benefits of Eating Pineapple for a Woman – Skin, Hair, Pregnancy

Ananas comosus also know as pineapple is a tropical fruit from the family Bromeliaceae, this healthy fruit is packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and eating it has shown a lot of benefits to a woman.

benefits of eating pineapple for a woman

Women who regularly consume this amazing fruit have experienced significant improvement many areas of their life including fertility, performance, skin health and other incredible benefits.

In this post we’re going to be looking at the benefits of eating pineapple for a woman .

Benefits of pineapple to a woman

1. Boost immunity

Pineapples contains great amount of vitamin C needed by your immune system. Consuming food/fruits rich in vitamin C helps to boost and strengthen your immune system against bacteria and disease attack.

Vitamin C in pineapples also helps us to produce more collagen on our blood vessels, improves our heart, protects us from cardiovascular problems and also helps the body renew and repair tissues.

2. Aids digestion

Consuming pineapple can help relieve constipation, bloating and other stomach problems. The digestive enzyme bromelain helps to break down protein foods and improve digestive processes.

3. Improves eyesight

Pineapple is very rich in vitamin A which is very essential for good eyesight. Regular intake of pineapple reduces the risk of macular degeneration and strengthens your eyesight.

4. Reduce high blood pressure

Pineapples are highly rich in potassium, which makes it very beneficial to people who experience high blood pressure. This potassium helps to eradicate excess sodium from your body system which is the lead cause of high blood pressure.

Regular consumption of pineapple stabilizes and regulates your heart rate and prevents you from the risk of getting stroke and heart disease.

5. Helps in fertility

Regular consumption of pineapples can help to thicken the uterine lining of women. By doing this your chances of getting pregnant becomes high. To enjoy this benefit, eat the core of pineapple up to 7 days after ovulation.

This amazing fruit has so many great elements that are very effective and beneficial in treating fertility in both men and women.
It contains different minerals and vitamins like vitamins like vitamin C, copper, folic acid, beta-carotene and zinc

6. Glowing skin

Want to have a youthful and ever glowing skin? then pineapple is your best choice. This is another benefits of eating pineapple for a woman.  With amino acids and vitamin C content, this fruit has the ability to smoothen and freshen your skin, giving it that flexible and firm texture.

Also manganese in pineapple helps to reduce aging by removing dead skin cells and keep your skin bright and glowing. To enjoy this benefit apply fresh pineapple directly on your face.

7. Improves performance

Do you know that pineapples can make you last longer? Pineapples have shown to be an effective aphrodisiac for sexual performance. With the high content of potassium in pineapple, your arteries are widened and there’s proper flow of blood in your arteries.

Also bromelain in pineapple plays a great role in increasing the sex hormone (testosterone) in men as well as increase sexual drive in both men and women.

8. Make you feel more relaxed and sleep better

Pineapples are loaded with lots of magnesium. This mineral helps to regulate your blood pressure, nerve and muscle function making you feel more relaxed. Taking this fruit before going to bed can help you fall asleep faster and have a sound sleep.

9. Skin hydration

Consuming pineapple can add more beauty to your skin by keeping you hydrated. Being hydrated

  • Removes dull skin, wrinkles and keeps your skin ever glowing and fresh.
  • Soothe your feet and lips by removing cracks resulting from excess dryness.
  • Enhances growth on your nails and keep them strong.

To enjoy this benefit apply a fresh paste of pineapple on your nails, allow it for 10 minutes, wash it away and thoroughly moisturize your nails.

10. Reduces hair loss

You can strengthen your hair follicle by eating pineapple everyday. The vitamin C content in pineapple helps to promote hair growth, vitamin B1 and B6 beneficial in reducing hair loss.


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Benefits of eating pineapple for a pregnant woman

Benefits of eating pineapple for a pregnant woman

Pineapples contain large amounts of  bromelain enzyme, which when consumed in excess can lead to abnormal bleeding in pregnant women. However when consumed in moderation can provide you and your unborn baby with all the amazing benefits listed in this post. If you’re pregnant avoid or limit your intake of pineapples especially in the first week of pregnancy.

Pineapple peel juice

Pineapple peel juice

High concentration of this bromelain enzyme can also be found in pineapple peels.

Here’s a simple homemade pineapple peels recipe that can contribute effectively to your dental health, digestion, drastic reduction in inflammation, belly fat/weight loss as well as other incredible health benefits.

Ingredients for pineapple peel tea

1. Pineapple
2. A glass of clean water
3. Lemon
4. Some honey

Method of preparing pineapple peel juice

1. Wash the pineapple, cut off the crown and separate the pulp from the peel.
2. Pour some clean water into a pot. Then add the pineapple peel into the pot with some small pieces of pineapple pulp. Cover it and allow it to boil.
3. After boiling, allow it to simmer and cool for some minutes.
4. Once cooled, add a glass of water in it and squeeze in the juice of one lemon.
5. Add the quantity of honey you want.
6. Then filter the mixture and take only the liquid part.
The juice is ready to be served.

Benefits of eating pineapple for females

Eating pineapple or drinking the juice can still provide these below benefits for a woman.

1. Improve dental health

Boiling and consuming pineapple can help to improve your dental health and keep them healthy. This is as a result of its inflammation properties that helps to fight bacteria in our mouth thereby leading to the health of our gums and teeth.

In addition, manganese in pineapple peels are very essential in promoting the health of our gums and teeth. It helps to strengthen and repair them.

2. Fight acne

Acne can really make you uncomfortable and embarrassed whenever you go out, and can become worse and leave scars if not treated properly. Pineapple can help to reduce acne due to it’s high amounts of vitamin C and anti inflammatory properties. It will help your skin to heal and prevent new breakouts.

3. Reduces aging

Manganese in pineapple helps to reduce the action of the free radicals. This free radicals accelerate the aging of the of our cells and organs and also destroys them, however consume in moderation if you experience gastritis and peptic ulcer.

4. Reduces risk of arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by swelling in the joints region. However the anti inflammatory property (bromelain) in pineapple helps to reduce swelling in those joints.

5. Strengthens bones

Magnesium and calcium in pineapple makes it very beneficial to bone health. A cup of pineapple juice a day can help strengthen your bones and muscles, making them stronger.

6. Reduces risk of cancer

Pineapples can be of great benefit in reducing risk of cancer. The bromelain enzyme present in pineapple helps to stimulate and destroy cancer cells in your body system thus reducing your risk of having cancer.

7. Keeps you hydrated

As we all know pineapples have high water content which makes them a good choice of getting hydrated. Being hydrated at all times is very essential for healthy living. Having them as an outdoor snack can go a long way in keeping you out of thirst along with your water.

8. Fights cough and catarrh

Frequent cough and catarrh can be so uncomfortable, it can disrupt your sleep and daily activities. However pineapple is very rich in anti inflammatory properties which can help alleviate this ailment. it does this by calming the inflammation in your airways and reducing the mucous in blocking your airways thus allowing you to breath.

9. Decreases nausea

This is usually associated with morning sickness that makes you want to vomit. Anytime you experience this feeling juice drink some pineapple juice and relax.

10. Fights internal worms

Regular consumption of pineapple destroys intestinal worm in your body like tapeworms. The digestive enzyme bromelain in pineapple does this work effectively.

11. Reduces inflammation

Antioxidants and bromelain enzyme in pineapple helps to fight off inflammation. This also helps to remove damaged cells from our body system, breaks down protein that trap fluids in the tissues after an injury thus making us heal our wounds faster.

12. Prevents asthma

The beta-carotene in pineapple converts to vitamin A during digestion. According to some studies, beta-carotene is very helpful in the prevention of asthma.


These are the benefits of eating pineapple for a woman . To enjoy these amazing benefits and more, add this healthy fruit to your diet today. Pregnant women should also consume this fruit moderation to avoid problems consult your doctor.


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