Health Benefits of Unripe Pawpaw – Raw Papaya Soaked in Water

Benefits of unripe pawpaw

health benefits of unripe pawpaw

Pawpaw fruit is not only delicious but offers numerous health benefits in addition to their great taste.Just like every other fruit, we consume pawpaw when it’s ripe and turn to yellow skin, but do you know even the unripe one with interior white skin  still provide amazing benefits as well?

Pawpaw also known as papaya is a very healthy fruit known to be delicious and with a pleasant consistency which makes it very enjoyable.

Papaya got its origin from central america but is cultivated all over the world today. This fruit is loaded with antioxidants which helps to reduce inflammation and fight diseases.

In this post we’re going to see the health benefits of unripe pawpaw, benefits of drinking unripe pawpaw water in pregnancy, health benefits of unripe pawpaw soaked in water, benefits of pawpaw leaves tea and how to prepare it.

Benefits of eating unripe pawpaw

  • Helps in healing wounds
  • Helps in removing toxins
  • Promotes healthy heart
  • Reduces inflammation in arthritis
  •  Promotes healthy digestion
  • Reduces pain during menstruation
  • Treats skin disorders
  • Beneficial to people with gastric juice deficiency.
  •  Helps in weight loss

Benefits of drinking unripe pawpaw water in pregnancy

Benefits of drinking unripe pawpaw water in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate and important stage in a woman’s life. During this period pregnant women are very mindful and conscious of what they consume in order not to harm themselves or their baby. With these mentioned health benefits of unripe pawpaw, you might be wondering if it’s still healthy for pregnant women?

Unripe pawpaw is NOT healthy for pregnant women. This is due to the fact that unripe paw paw contains a substance called latex. This is a soft milky white substance inside unripe pawpaw, it is thick and sticky during this period.

This latex poses a serious risk when consumed during pregnancy. By triggering uterine contractions and weakening membranes of vital cells responsible for the growth and development of the fetus, unripe paw paw might lead to miscarriage.

It’s better to avoid them totally during pregnancy, however ripe pawpaw with yellow skin can still be beneficial during pregnancy. But do well to consult your doctor before consuming anything.

Health benefits of unripe pawpaw soaked in water

Soaking unripe pawpaw in water and drinking it is also beneficial and used traditionally in treating stomach ulcer. To enjoy this usefulness of unripe pawpaw, get a big or medium sized unripe pawpaw fruit. Cut the pawpaw into cubes and soak in water for 3 – 4 days.

After about 4 days, sieve the water and store in a container. Consume half glass of the water 3 times daily for about 2 weeks. This has being used by local herbalist in treatment of stomach ulcer and has being effective.


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Health benefits of pawpaw leaves

Health benefits of pawpaw leaves

Pawpaw fruit does not only provide you with these benefits but the leaves as well can be used to treat several other diseases. Below are the benefits of drinking pawpaw leaves.

1. Fights microbes and parasites

Consuming papaya leaves juice can help prevent the growth of harmful parasites and microbes that causes infection and illness in your body system.
When treated, the rich content of tannin in papaya leaves prevent reinfection and can fight off worms in your intestine.

2. Aids digestion

Papain and chymopapain present in papaya leaves can be beneficial in your digestive processes. It helps your digestive system to properly digestive foods and prevents digestive problems like constipation, bloating, inflammation and the juice of papaya leaves helps to destroy bacteria H. pylori which is the cause of peptic ulcer.

They also contain helpful enzymes like amylase and protease which helps to break down proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Furthermore gluten in wheat products are also broken down for easy digestion.

3. Lowers risk of cancer

Pawpaw leaves contains phytochemicals and properties and helps to fight cancer. The juice contains enzymes which is very effective in treating cancer of the lungs, liver, breasts, cervis and pancreas. Also this juice can also boost your immune system against cancer.

4. Boost hair growth

Phytochemicals in papaya leaves contributes in hair growth. Not just that hair problems like itchy scalp, hair breakage, hair thinness, dandruff can also be prevented and fought due to its rich content of karpin and alkaloids which also removes oil and dirt from the scalp. To enjoy this benefit, buy natural hair products made with papaya leaves.

5. Skin problems

High levels of vitamin A and C in papaya leaves improves the health of your skin and its appearance.
By stopping the activities of free radicals, papaya leaves can prevent you from aging prematurely.

Karpin in this leaf can also prevent you from having skin infections and eliminates toxins and waste products in your skin.  Applying unripe pawpaw to your face or skin can help remove brown spots or pigmentation and also keep your skin smooth.

6. Relieves menstrual problems

Consumption papaya leaves juice helps to balance female hormones and regulate your menstrual and ovulation cycles.
It also helps your blood to flow easily during menstruation and prevents menstrual pains, cramps and post menstrual syndrome.

7. Treats dengue fever

Dengue fever is a deadly disease caused by a mosquito-borne viral infection. Papaya leaves have being used traditionally to treat this disease and it’s very effective with no side effects.

Papaya leaves juice is loaded with powerful enzymes like papain and chymopapain which helps to relieve dengue fever symptoms like headaches, pain, skin rash, muscle pain, high temperature and also increases the number of platelets in the blood

8. Combats diabetes

Pawpaw leaves reduces excess concentration of sugar(glucose) in the bloodstream which is the lead cause of diabetes. They also help to heal wounds faster in diabetic patients and prevent them from oxidative stress.

Pawpaw leaf should be prepared and taken inform of tea and consumed daily in order to enjoy these benefits. It’s completely natural and has no side effects.

Below is how to prepare pawpaw leaf tea

  •  Cut out and wash fresh pawpaw leaves
  •  Allow them to dry a bit then cut them in sizable pieces and put them in pot of water for boiling.
  •  Do not cover the pot, boil and allow to simmer until the water is reduced to half.
  •  Strain the liquid and store in a container

Your papaya leaves tea/juice is ready to serve!! you can refrigerate and finish within 3 or 4 days.

You can also prepare this tea daily and drink it fresh for more effectiveness or you crush/blend the leaves and extract the juice without boiling it. Cooking the leaves and adding it to your meals is also welcomed.

If you experience allergies, ensure you consult your doctor before administering.


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Pawpaw fruit health benefits

importance of pawpaw

Just to remind you, ripe pawpaw with yellow skin is packed with lots of incredible health benefits as well. It’ll be a lot more beneficial to add this to your diet too in order to enjoy more health benefits.

1. Boost immune system

Pawpaw contains high levels of vitamin A and C which contributes to a strong immune health.
A strong immune system protects your body against diseases, germs, infections and boost the overall health of the body. To enjoy these health benefits, add this amazing fruit to your daily diet.

2. Anti diabetic property

Eating pawpaw can help prevent diabetes. This amazing fruit produces hyperglycemia effects and improve lipo profiles both in animals and in humans.

An experiment conducted on rats using papaya extract showed a decrease in blood glucose and cholesterol levels in these diabetic animals.

3. Source of nutrients

A single serving of pawpaw can provide you with all the vitamin C you need throughout the day. A medium sized pawpaw has over 100 calories and can provide you with about 300% of your daily recommended value of vitamin C and good amount of fiber. Potassium, B vitamins, folate and magnesium and also found in this amazing fruit.

4. Improves digestion

The prolific enzyme in this healthy fruit called papain aids in protein digestion and lowers inflammation. A power enzyme called papain is also found in this fruit which is very beneficial in digestion.

It can also be very helpful in relieving digestive problems like constipation, bloating, irritable bowel, improper digestion, ulcers and contributes to the maintenance of your digestive tract.

5. Reduces risk of cancer

This is another incredible benefit of this fruit. Dietary antioxidants like lycopene in pawpaw helps to protect us from damage to DNA that could activate cancer causing genes.

The fiber in pawpaw can also help in the prevention of colon cancer. This anti oxidant can also help protect our cells from external sources like radiation or sun exposure.

6. Improves heart health

High carotene content in pawpaw enhance the cardio protective ability of HDL (good cholesterol). Antioxidants in papaya such as vitamin C and A can help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and can help lower high cholesterol levels due to the high fiber in it.

7. Anti aging

You probably don’t know this. Excessive free radicals accelerates wrinkles, sagging and other skin damage conditions that occurs with age. Lycopene and vitamin C in paw paw is helpful in protecting the skin from signs of aging.

This amazing fruit also protects the skin from alpha rays thereby preventing premature wrinkling. To enjoy this benefit apply or consume orally.

These are the health benefits of unripe pawpaw, unripe pawpaw soaked in water  and other usefulness of this wonderful fruit. Always consume in moderation and do well to visit your doctor if you’re suffering from critical problems.


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