Ginger Benefits for Womens Body – Raw ginger mixed honey

Ginger benefits for women’s health

ginger benefits for womens

Ginger is a powerful spice loaded with lots of medicinal and health properties, It is often used to flavour food but has abilities to treat different diseases, ailments and provide lots of benefits to womens health.

This spice is loaded with essential components and compounds that is very beneficial in helping women fight infection, obesity, infertility and other numerous .

Apart from the benefits of ginger in females, this wonderful spice provides other amazing general health benefits for anybody that consumes it but let’s see the benefits of ginger to womens health and before going to other advantages of ginger.

Benefits of ginger in women

1. Helps in weight loss

Obesity is very unhealthy and can lead to many serious diseases like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and even heart attack.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one the best ways of living a healthy lifestyle and ginger can assist you in doing that.

This amazing spice is loaded with properties which can help you burn excess calories in your body system thus enabling you lose excess weight.

2. Relieves morning sickness

This sickness is mostly experienced by pregnant women and some ladies. You can get a great relief by drinking ginger tea as soon as you come out of bed.

3. Skin health

Every woman would like to have a glowing skin, get rid of irritation and have their skin smooth and fresh. If you want to have a skin such as the aforementioned then you should consider adding this amazing spice to your diet.

Ginger does not only soothe your irritated skin due its anti inflammatory properties, but a study conducted revealed the fast healing abilities of this wonderful spice when eaten together with curcumin.

4. Relieves menstrual pain

If you always experience pain or cramps during your menstruation, then ginger could be your remedy. Consider adding this to your diet by drinking the ginger tea to get some relief.

5. Tackles infection

Ginger is one of the most effective natural treatment for fungi or bacteria infection in women. According to studies, this wonderful spice inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes this infection in women.

This is made possible as a result of a powerful biotic compound in ginger called gingerol. This compound has strong abilities of fighting and lowering risk of infection in women.

6. Fights infertility

Do you know ginger can help boost your fertility? This is another benefits of ginger for womens health. Although this has not being scientifically confirmed but this amazing spice have being used over the years to fight infertility. It possess abilities that allows it to regulate the female hormones and also boost their libido.

7. Improves performance

This wonderful spice is a natural aphrodisiac that has ability to elevate your libido and performance during intercourse. Mix ginger with powdered cinnamon and honey, take one tablespoon daily to enjoy this benefit.


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Other health benefits of ginger to women

Benefits of ginger in women

Ginger does not provide benefits to womens health only, but anyone who adds this healthy spice to their diet gets to enjoy all these advantages of ginger including the ones below.

1. Promotes circulation

By allowing proper flow of blood through your bloodstream, ginger can help improve the circulatory performance of your body system.

Having a good circulatory system helps to stabilize and regulate your heart rate, save you from risk of heart disease and keep your body temperature in check.

2. Aids in digestion

Problems relating to poor digestion can be treated using this spice. If you experience flatulence, gastric ulcers, gastritis diarrhea etc. Eat more of ginger it’ll help you resolve this.

3. Regulates blood sugar levels

Consuming ginger is very vital in keeping your blood sugar(glucose) level in check. A low blood sugar can negatively mess with your energy level, leaving you weak and unproductive throughout the day.

Adding this wonderful spice to your breakfast can help elevate your energy levels and keep you focused throughout the day.

4. Lowers cholesterol and heart disease

Increase in LDL cholesterol can be very unhealthy and might lead to heart disease or attack. However ginger is very beneficial in cutting down this cholesterol thus protecting your heart from attack and other diseases.

5. Reduces risk of cancer

According to some studies, ginger has shown effectiveness in fighting lung, prostate, colon, breast and pancreatic cancers.

This healthy spice possess anti cancer, anti bacterial, anti tumour and other antioxidants properties which enables it to fight and prevent cancer cells. These antioxidants also help to prevent free radical damages which can stimulate cancer cells.

Simply include this amazing spice to your daily diet to inhibit new cancer cells in your body system from growing and fighting off active ones.

6. Improves immune system

One of the best ways to boost your immune system is by using ginger. Weak immune system can really mess up your health by making you vulnerable to different diseases and ailments.

However including ginger to your diet will help make your immune system strong, flush out toxins and protect you from diseases and bacteria attacks.

7. Relieves pain

Many people have stopped using painkillers because of this ginger. Regardless of the pain you’re experiencing, this wonderful spice is a natural pain reliever.

It does this by fighting off inflammation causing those pains and also works on hormonal levels. Consume ginger tea every morning and see if it helps.

8. Easy absorption of nutrients

You might not be aware of this, but your body doesn’t absorb complete nutrients from the foods you eat.  In fact only 10 – 90% are absorbed from every meal.

However ginger has the abilities to boost your body’s nutrients absorption, allowing your body get all the nutrients it needs from every meal.

9. Promotes fresh breath

Having a bad breath can be really embarrassing especially when you’re talking to someone. Our meals and drink can sometimes alter our breath.

To avoid this just eat ginger toward to end of your meal or you make some ginger tea with hot water and drink it. This will help flush out your mouth and neutralize any bad taste thus keeping your breath refreshed.

10. Helps to relieve gas

Holding gas can be really uncomfortable and releasing them in public isn’t welcoming either. Frequent release of gas could be a problem from your digestive system.

However ginger tea has being revealed to be very effective in cleansing your digestive tract from the inside. Drinking this wonderful tea before bed will help do a total cleansing inside your system and relieve you from unnecessary gas.

11. Treats throat infection

Ginger is loaded with properties that can be beneficial in treating throat problems. Anytime you experience any uncomfortable feeling on your throat, just peel and chew some garlic.

Repeat this for some days to reap great relief from such feeling. It does this by fighting off the inflammation on your throat. Not only that, this incredible spice is also beneficial for loss of voice, eat some and you’ll be good.

12. Warm feeling

Ginger contains high calorific value which enable it to supply heat or warmth during cold seasons. Apply ginger externally or drink ginger tea anytime you feel cold. Doing this will help keep you warm.

13. Removes sinuses inflammation

Ginger has abilities to clear your sinuses. It does this by unclogging your sinuses and improve drainage. Just consume a hot ginger tea to reap this benefit.


Even with the above benefits of ginger, excess consumption can lead to side effects even to womens health. It’ll be beneficial if you consume this in moderation, 2 – 4 grams per day is not bad, but do well to consult a professional doctor.

If you’re on blood thinning medication, it’s recommended you seek your doctor’s advice before taking ginger.

You can use this wonderful spice to cook your meals, prepare it as tea or eat it. Either way, you’ll still reap these benefits.


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