Benefits of Dates for Womens Body + Pregnant Ladies

Benefits of dates for womens body

Benefits of dates for womens

Dates are healthy dry fruits packed with a lot of nutrients and vitamins that provide numerous benefits for men and womens body.

This fruit has being cultivated for over thousands of years in tropical regions (middle east) and vary in sizes and colour.

Dates are not just natural sweeteners but including them in your diet can help improve your skin, weight, reduce belly fat, prevent hair loss and also help you during pregnancy.

Below are the benefits of dates for womens’ body

Benefits of eating dates for women

nutritional value of dates

Dates provides a lot of benefits to women, whether you’re pregnant or not. Consuming dates can remove some unnecessary health conditions for ladies and enhance their beauty.

1. Dates and hair

Hair loss, hair damage, dry hair are mostly common in women. Dates contain iron which helps to promote blood circulation to your scalp thereby making your hair to grow. Also vitamin B5 in dates is very effective in reducing hair loss by strengthening your hair follicles.
These two vitamins in dates are very essential in keeping your hair healthy, strong, smooth and shiny.

2. Dates and belly fat

Dates are rich in fiber which when consumed holds and satisfies you quickly. By doing this it prevents you from overeating which is one of the major causes of belly fat.

3. Dates and skin

If you suffering from dry, rough, aging skin or any skin disorder then dates is the best food for you. High levels of vitamin C and D present in dates have shown high level of effectiveness in maintaining skin elasticity and smoothness, not only that. Do you know that dates can clear wrinkles and lines on skin thereby by making you have a smooth skin and looking younger? yes. Dates posses anti aging properties and prevents the accumulation of melanin in your body

4. Dates and weight

The calories, sugar and fiber in dates can make you put on some weight. For people with over slimming problems that want to add weight, frequent consumption of dates can help you achieve that.


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Benefits of dates for pregnant ladies/woman

Benefits of dates for pregnant ladies

Dates is an ideal fruit for pregnant ladies. This fruit have being of great benefits both to the pregnant woman and her baby. By providing the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed during pregnancy dates have have decreased the need for inception and surgery of labour during delivery.

1. Provides hemoglobin

Another benefits of dates for womens’ pregnancy is the iron in dates produces enough hemoglobin required during pregnancy and also strengthens the immune system of both the woman and her baby.

2. Prevents haemorrhoids

Deficiency of fiber causes haemorrhoids and this normally occurs in pregnant ladies. However dates are excellent source of fiber which helps to prevent haemorrhoids especially in pregnant ladies.

3. Bone formation

Dates provides enough calories, proteins, potassium and vitamin K for pregnant women, which have led to proper bone formation of the baby, blood pressure regulation, bodybuilding and also preventing muscle cramps.

Other dates benefits for female

dates benefits for hair

Apart from the benefits of dates for womens pregnancy, dates also provide benefits for general well being of a male and female.

1. Sugar replacement

Dates are natural sweeteners and a good replacement of sugar. Turn the dates into a paste form by blending it then replace in the same ratio of the sugar. It contains all the essential nutrients of sugar and is completely natural.

2. Controls blood pressure

Dates are rich in potassium which is vital for people with high blood pressure. Excess sodium (salt) results to high blood pressure and potassium in dates helps to drive this out of our body system. Also anti oxidants in dates helps in removing cholesterol from arteries thus making the heart to function effectively.

3. Boost metabolism

Dates contains B and K vitamins which help to burn off calories from our body system. Burning calories is a great way of improving our body’s metabolism. Dates also contain antioxidants which helps to protect your immune system from diseases and harmful reactions.

4. For digestive system

Soaking a handful of dates throughout and consuming them in the morning as breakfast can go a long way in solving problems related to digestive system. If you’re experiencing constipation which is caused by indequate fiber in the body system, dates are highly rich in fiber. Just soak a handful of dates overnight and consume it with the water.

5. Treatment for anaemia

Inadequate iron causes in our body system causes anaemia. People suffering from this always feel tired, fatigue, shortness of breath or chest pain. Dates are rich in iron and regular consumption is an effective treatment for anaemia.

6. Reduces blood cholesterol

Excess of cholesterol in the blood is not good for your health. However dates are low in cholesterol which, consuming them will help reduce the excess cholesterol in your blood.

7. Improves eyesight

Deficiency of vitamin A causes people to struggle with vision under poor lighting conditions. Including dates in your diet can help strengthen and preserve your vision for a longer time by delaying masculoid degeneration of the eye.

As you have seen the benefits of dates for womens body even in pregnancy and over all beauty. I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t add this healthy fruit to your diet today. Don’t forget to share this post to your family and friends.

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