Benefits of Tiger Nuts in Pregnancy – is it good for a pregnant woman?

Benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy

benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy

Tiger nuts are good sources of vital nutrients which can provide amazing benefits to a woman in her pregnancy stage as well as her unborn child.
Apart from solving problems like blood pressure, cancer, obesity, diabetics, diarrhea, constipation and other digestive issues, tiger nuts has proved to be a very effective aphrodisiac that enhances fertility in both men and women.

Tiger nut is very popular in Africa especially in Nigeria but have also dominated some countries in southern Europe, Middle east, Madagascar and India.

This nut contains high level of essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like potassium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin E, C and B6, copper which help to increase hormones responsible for fertility in women and also keeps the baby healthier and stronger by increasing the production of milk from the woman’s breast. Without wasting much time let’s breakdown the benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy.

Tiger nut benefits in pregnancy

benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy

1. Boost Breast Milk

Breast milk is very essential and provides optimal nutrition for babies. It’s loaded with antibiotics which can help your baby prevent and fight illnesses making them healthier and stronger. This is why a woman needs to have enough supply of breast milk to feed her baby and that is where tiger nuts come in. Producing enough breast milk is one of the vital benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy, tiger nuts boost the production of breast milk from a woman’s breast, enough for the baby. Even after delivery nursing mothers are advised to consume black species tiger nuts to help fight lumps and breast cancer.

2. Maintain ovulation

Vitamin E in tiger nuts helps to maintain the normal menstruation in women. A decline in ovulation makes it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. Tiger nuts prevents this decline and helps to keep a woman’s menstruation running thereby making her more fertile and prone to becoming pregnant. This vitamin E also helps to maintain the woman’s placenta during pregnancy.

3. Develops female reproductive system

Oestrogen is a female hormone which is responsible for developing and maintaining female reproductive system and female secondary characteristics. It is responsible for puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, bone strength and maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Study shows that tiger nuts increases the level of this oestrogen in a female due to the methanolic content present in it.

Health benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy

Apart from the aforementioned benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy, these nuts still provide numerous nutritional and health benefits to you whether you’re pregnant or not. Including these healthy nuts in your daily diet can help treat problems like blood pressure, cancer, obesity, diabetics, diarrhea, constipation and help you live a healthy lifestyle. Below are the health benefits of tiger nuts.

1. Constipation

If you’re having problems with improper digestion, irritable bowels, constipation or any other digestive issues then tiger nuts is the best food for you. It can help tackle these problems and remove harmful toxins from your body.

2. High BP

If you suffer from high blood pressure, add tiger nuts to your diet. It contains an amino acid called arginine which will ensure normal blood flow in your blood vessels by making them wide enough. Potassium in tiger nuts also help to stabilize your heart rate which will in turn lead to your normal blood pressure.

3. Weight loss

Tiger nuts is very effective in removing excess weight from your body. If you find yourself gaining excess weight or overeating replace your daily food or snack with tiger nuts. The high levels of fiber in tiger nuts will satisfy you quickly and hold you for a long time. This will stop you from overeating and subsequently lead to your weight loss.

4. Blood sugar

High blood sugar levels lead to diabetics and people suffering from this are advised to take foods rich in insoluble fiber. Tiger nuts contain high levels of insoluble fiber which will help regulate and control your blood sugar levels. If you have diabetics take more of tiger nuts!

5. Colon cancer

Colon cancer (cancer of the large intestine) can be cleansed by tiger nuts according to the American Cancer Society. This is possible due to fiber and antioxidants present in tiger nuts.

These are the benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy. Tiger nuts are definitely an ideal food for anybody seeking a healthy life.


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