Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts to Woman: Fertility, Pregnancy

Health benefits of tiger nuts to woman

health benefits of tiger nuts to woman

Tiger nuts provides lots of health benefits to a woman. With its high content of amazing vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants such as potassium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, vitamin C, E, and B6, tiger nut has shown to be helpful in treatment of illnesses such as diabetics, obesity, colon cancer, improper digestion, blood pressure and has being very effective in boosting sex drive in women and improving their fertility.

Tiger nuts belongs to the family Cyperaceae, it’s also known as earth almonds and grows in regions of temperate and subtropical climates. Africa is regarded as the homeland of tiger nuts and it’s found in many parts of Nigeria as well as in some countries in middle east of Europe, also in India, Madagascar and Mediterranean countries in southern Europe.

Benefits of tiger nuts to a woman

Tiger nuts have shown exceptional significance in improving fertility and sexual drive in both men and women. Consuming tiger nuts have being very helpful in increasing the levels of oestrogen hormone in a woman, thereby making her become more fertile and sexually active.

Essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in tiger nuts helps to maintain menstruation levels in women making them more prone to becoming pregnant. Even during pregnancy women should consume more tiger nuts for enough production of breast milk for their baby, this will in turn make the new born baby healthier and stronger. Let’s look at some of the importance and benefit of tiger nuts to a woman.

Importance of tiger nut to woman

Including tiger nuts to your diet can really be of great help and benefit to you as a woman. Apart from increasing your fertility and helping you during pregnancy, tiger nuts can also add to your overall beauty by giving you a flawless skin. Enough of the talk let’s dive in to the health benefits of tiger nuts to woman.

1. More Beauty

Do you know that tiger nuts can add more to your beauty? I bet you don’t know this. Vitamin E and moisturizing properties present in tiger nuts can give you a flawless and healthy glowing skin. It can also stop you from having wrinkles and prevent premature aging, good isn’t it?. Tiger nuts also contains magnesium which can give you a smooth silky¬† skin.

2. Lose Weight

High levels of dietary fiber in tiger nuts can contribute to your weight loss by satisfying you for a longer time. By doing this, it stops you from gaining excessive weight which comes from overeating.

3. Aids Digestion

This is also one of the health benefits of tiger nuts to woman. Tiger nuts can help deal with issues that results from improper digestion. Consuming tiger nuts can help treat constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowels and is also effective in removing harmful toxins from the body, detoxifies the liver and keeps your digestive system stimulated.

4. Controls Blood Pressure

Tiger nuts have shown to be of great benefit to people with high blood pressure. It contains an amino acid called arginine, this helps to keep your blood vessels wide enough for blood flow. By doing this is stabilizes your heart rate making you have a normal blood pressure. Potassium in tiger nuts also contributes to this.

5. Controls Diabetics

Non soluble fiber in tiger nuts makes it an ideal food for people with diabetes. Foods containing insoluble fiber helps to control and regulate sugar levels in the blood. That’s why diabetic patients are advised to consume more insoluble fiber foods like tiger nuts.

6. Controls Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, fiber and antioxidants in tiger nuts shows curative effect on colon cancer (cancer of the large intestine) and also helps to prevent it.

Tiger nut juice

Tiger nuts are very effective aphrodisiac when it comes to sex and at the same time still provide wonderful health benefits when included in your diet. You need to transform these healthy nuts to a juice drink in order to enjoy the full benefit of this aphrodisiac.

They give out more tasty flavour when they’re thoroughly blended into a milk form and is a very good replacement for people allergic to cow milk. This makes it healthier to consume, have I even told you this drink is completely natural with zero side effects? without wasting much time let’s dive into the recipe for this juice.

Tiger nut juice recipe

  • Lemon
  • Tiger nuts
  • Ginger

Note: If you bought the dry tiger nuts, make sure to soak them for 24hrs to soften them. Change water at least 3 times within 24hrs to avoid smelling. However if it’s the fresh one you have, don’t soak it just proceed below.

Tiger nut juice preparation

1. Using a bowl wash thoroughly your tiger nuts, filter out the bad ones.

2. Pour your washed tiger nuts into a blender, peel your ginger and cut them into tiny bits and add them to the tiger nuts for easy blending, cut your lemon into halves and squeeze in the juice into the blender, add a cup of water, then blend everything together.

3. After blending filter out the milk from the tiger nuts chaff. You can use a clean chiffon dress, socks or filter to do this. Add little more water and repeat this until the chaff is completely dried of the milk.

Your tiger nuts milk drink is ready to serve, chill in the refrigerator.

These are the health benefits of tiger nuts to woman and how to use tiger nuts juice as an aphrodisiac for sexual boost. Don’t forget to share to your family and friends.


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