AIRTEL Double Data Code 2023 – Subscription Code & Eligibility

Airtel double data plan code

airtel double data code

Have you heard about the airtel double data offer, well since that’s what you’re here for, I’m going to let you in on the code to enjoy this offer, stay tuned.

Airtel is one of the leading telecom operators in Nigeria. They have over the years dished out hot and blazing data deals to their subscribers. Started by giving us the airtel N200 for 1gb and now the airtel double data code, you can as well agree with me that airtel really has the interest of their subscribers at heart.

Imagine getting double data on every subscription you make, with how important data is, getting twice more than what you paid for is one of the best deals to come from airtel if you ask me.

This offer is available for both old and new airtel sims. If you have an old or existing airtel sim, you don’t need to go buy a new airtel sim to try this offer, in fact I have being enjoying this airtel double data with my old airtel sim, unless the code didn’t work on your old sim then you can go ahead and purchase a new one.

Airtel double data bonus

This airtel double data allows you to enjoy twice of any data you purchase on airtel. This literally means you get to enjoy 3GB of data for just N1000 instead of the usual 1.5GB, that means you get extra 1.5GB bonus once you subscribe for this plan. You also get to enjoy a whooping 7GB of data for just N2000 and even 1.5GB for just N500 and so on.

All these and more you’ll get to enjoy on airtel for upto 6 months!, tell me what could be better than this? airtel sure knows how to satisfy their customers. Now let’s see how you can enjoy this offer.

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How to be eligible for airtel double data

There is no certain way to be eligible for this offer, even though some claim that receiving this particular message from airtel which is “GET DOUBLE YOUR DATA when you activate N1,000 bundle bla bla bla” automatically qualifies you for the offer.

However this is not always true in all cases, as you might receive such message and still won’t get the double data bonus. While some also claim that getting a new airtel sim automatically qualifies you for the offer, I find that to be false too as my new airtel sim doesn’t get the double data offer anytime I subscribe.

Please note that what I just said above are just my observations and personal experience, that those methods didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

If you try the method I’m about to give and it didn’t work, you can wait to receive the “GET DOUBLE DATA MESSAGE” from airtel or you buy a new airtel sim and try it again.

So without wasting further time let’s get right into the airtel double data code, so you’ll follow and enjoy this offer.

Code for airtel double data

To enjoy the airtel double data offer send a text message GET to 141. That’s go to message>create message>type GET>send to 141. After sending that message, you’ll receive another message immediately which says

” Dear Customer, your smartphone offer will be activated shortly. You will receive a confirmation SMS when the offer is activated. DO NOT RESEND YOUR REQUEST.” After few seconds you’ll receive another message which goes like this

“Congratulations!, You can now enjoy 100% data bonus anytime everyday bla bla bla…

Once you get that message from then you’ll start enjoying double data once you subscribe for any plan from N500 – N4000. But if you’re not qualified for this offer you’ll rather get a message saying

“Dear customer, This offer is not available for you anymore. Dial *141# to buy a data bundle. Thank you.

Like I said, if it didn’t work for you, try again with a new airtel sim or you keep trying with your existing line.

In Summary

Is Airtel double data still working?

YES. The airtel double is still working all you have to do is to send text message GET to 141. If you receive a congratulatory message, then you can go ahead and enjoy the airtel double data offer.

How can I get Airtel double data offer?

To get and enjoy double data each time you subscribe on airtel send text message GET to 141. You’ll receive a congratulatory message on double data, from then you receive double of any data plan you subscribe ranging from N500 – N4000.


That’s the airtel double data code, nothing could be more exciting than getting twice the data you paid for, start now to get your double data from airtel. If this post was helpful to you, share it to your friends using the share buttons on this post.

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