How to Check Data Balance & Bonus on MTN With USSD Code

Mtn balance check ussd

mtn data balance ussd code

Do you have an mtn data plan and don’t know how to check the balance using ussd code? not to worry, you’ll find out now.

For a telecom operator like mtn, knowing how to check your data and airtime balance is very needful. It can be beneficial in many ways not just for mtn users but when using other telecom operators too.

Knowing how to check your mtn data balance either by ussd code or text can help you know whether your data has truly exhausted before renewing or subscribing for another one.

Same thing applies to airtime balance how will you be able to subscribe for a data plan in the first place if you don’t know your remaining airtime balance and whether it’ll be enough?

I once made the mistake of renewing my data plan for a particular network when I thought I had exhausted it as a result of lagging network connection, not knowing I still had more than half of the data plan left.

That wouldn’t have happened if I knew how to check the data plan balance of that network, I would have actually saved my money if I knew I still had enough left.

Coming back to mtn, we all know they rate at which the zap their data whenever you subscribe and as a Nigerian you’ll always want to check your data constantly to know whether you should continue watching your youtube or stick to only facebook lol.

Either way, you should still know your mtn data balance in order not to be caught unawares. So in this post you’re going to see how you can check your mtn data balance using ussd code or text message and how to check your mtn airtime balance and bonus.

Mtn check balance code

If you have ever subscribed to an mtn data plan, you can agree with me that the ussd code to check the mtn data balance can be quite confusing at times.

Most times you’ll will be provided with a different ussd code for checking the balance of that particular data plan which might be different from the one you already know.

But not to worry the ussd code you’ll be seeing here will cover the balance of all mtn daily, weekly and monthly data plans including bonus data and your mtn pulse night plan balance.

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Ussd code to check mtn data balance

Like I mentioned earlier, there are two ways of checking your data balance. You can check it through ussd code or through text message.

Ussd Code

For Daily, Weekly or Monthly Data Balance

  • Dial *559# or *131*4#

For Bonus Data Balance

  • Dial *559*4#

For Socials Data Balance (whatsapp, facebook, instagram, 2go, wechat, blaast, wiki etc)

  • Dial *559*25#

For Mtn Pulse Night Plan Data Balance

  • *559*96#

For XtraByte Balance (Borrowed Data)

  • Dial *606#
  • Select 3 – My Account
  • Select 2 – Account Balance

Another way of using ussd code to check mtn data balance is to follow the steps you used in trying to subscribe for that data plan.

When you’re on the menu of that plan you want to subscribe to, scroll down you’ll see the “Check Data Balance” Option, select it and your data balance for that data plan will be displayed to you instantly.

Via Text Message

You can know your data balance using text message by sending 2 to 131

  • Create message – 2
  • Send to – 131

The message is free of charge and you’ll receive immediate reply of the details of your mtn data balance.

Mtn account balance code

It’s also important to know mtn airtime balance including bonus airtime and even borrowed airtime. Knowing your airtime account balance can prevent you from making unnecessary calls and can help you make adequate preparations by topping your airtime for important calls.

For Main Account Balance

  • Dial *556#

For Bonus Airtime, SMS

  • Dial *559*4#

For AWUF4U Bonus

  • *559*14#

For XtraTime Balance (Borrowed Airtime)

  • Dial *606#
  • Select 3 – My Account
  • Select 2 – Account Balance

Dialing the above codes will display your airtime account balances instantly

In Summary

How do I check my data balance on MTN?

To check your daily, weekly and monthly mtn data balance dial; *559#. Your active daily, weekly and monthly data plan will be displayed instantly to you.

How do I check MTN data via SMS?

You can also check your mtn data balance via sms by sending 2 to 131. Details of your active daily, weekly and monthly data plan will be displayed instantly to you.


That’s how to check mtn data and airtime account balance using ussd code and text message. If this post was helpful, don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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