Why is my Tariff Plan Not Allowed to Use MTN Share?

Let’s look at a common question that many MTN users have: “Why can’t I use MTN Share on my tariff plan?” It can be frustrating and annoying when you want to share airtime with your loved ones, but you find out that your tariff plan doesn’t support it. So, let’s get to the bottom of this and understand why some tariff plans might not allow you to use MTN Share.

What is MTN Share?

Before we go into the “why,” let’s quickly explain what MTN Share is. MTN Share, also known as MTN Share ‘n’ Sell, is a service that allows MTN subscribers to transfer airtime from their airtime balance to other MTN customers. It’s a very efficient and effective feature that comes in handy when you want to help out a friend or family member who is in a tight spot or stranded.

Now, your ability to use MTN Share depends on the tariff plan you’re currently on. You see, not all tariff plans support MTN Share, and that’s why you might be experiencing issues trying to use this service on MTN.

MTN has a number of different tariff plans, and each one comes with its own set of features and limitations/advantages and disadvantages. Some tariff plans are created to offer you more data, some give you better call rates, and others might even include some cool bonuses. But when it comes to MTN Share, not all tariff plans are created equal.

So, the first step in understanding why your tariff plan is not offering the MTN Share service is to check which tariff plan you’re currently subscribed to. Here’s how you can do it;

How to check your tariff plan on MTN

You can check your tariff plan by dialing a simple USSD code. Just dial*123*1*2# or*123# then follow and answer the prompts and instructions. This will give you information about your current tariff plan. You can also check your tariff plan by logging into your MTN account on the MTN website or using the MTN mobile app. Once you’re logged in, you should be able to see your current plan displayed there on the interface.

Why is my Tariff Plan not Allowed to Use MTN Share?

Now, to address the big question, why do some tariff plans not support MTN Share? Well, it all comes down to the way these plans are made to be. Some plans are enhanced for specific benefits like low call rates, while others are concentrated on data bonuses. MTN Share, on the other hand, involves transferring airtime, which may not fit with the key features of certain plans.

If a tariff plan is focused on providing you with a lot of data at affordable rates, it might not support MTN Share. On the other side, plans that are more balanced and include voice and SMS benefits are more likely to support MTN Share.

Another reason can also be that you don’t have an MTN share pin or you haven’t changed the default password, changing the default password is very important even on those tariff plans that support MTN share.

What tariff plan allows MTN share

Now, let’s talk about the tariff plans that allows MTN share There are several tariff plans on MTN that do support MTN Share. So, if you find out that your current plan doesn’t, you can always consider switching to one that does.

Here are some popular MTN tariff plans that allow you to use MTN Share:

  • MTN Pulse and mPulse

MTN Pulse is a favorite among many Nigerians, especially among teenagers and young adults. It’s known for its affordable data rates and it supports MTN Share.

  • MTN XtraSpecial

This plan offers competitive call rates, and yes, it supports MTN Share.

  • MTN BetaTalk

BetaTalk is all about bonuses, and it’s also on the list of plans that allow you to use MTN Share.

  • MTN XtraValue

This plan offers you both data and airtime together but One is usually more than the other, like subbing for data and getting airtime with it and it supports MTN share.

  • MTN SuperSaver Plus

If you’re all about making international calls, this plan is for you. Plus, it supports MTN Share.

  • MTN YafunYafun

YafunYafun is known for its “bonus on recharge” feature, and it’s MTN Share-friendly too.


If you’re eager to use MTN Share and your current tariff plan doesn’t support it, you have the option to switch to a plan that does. You can change your tariff plan by dialing *123# and following the prompts to select a new plan. Just be aware that there might be certain conditions or fees associated with changing plans, so it’s a good idea to check them out before changing your tariff plan. And there you have it, now you know why your tariff plan might not be allowed to use MTN Share and how you can check which plan you’re using and switch to a plan that does support it. Leave a comment below if you got any more questions.