What Does Pounded Yam Taste Like? + How it’s Made & Origin

What Does Pounded Yam Taste Like How is it Made where it Originate from

Where did pounded yam originate from?

Pounded yam is one of the most eaten swallows in Nigeria. Just like the name insinuates, it is made from yam. If you have been wondering where pounded yam originated from, here’s something for you. Pounded yam originated from the Western trope of Africa. Its name has taken different forms. For example, it is known as yam fufu in Ghana, fufu in Togo, Iyan in Ibadan, etc. However, the base name still remains pounded yam.

Is fufu and pounded yam the same thing?

Is fufu and pounded yam the same thing? No. Pounded yam is made from yam tubers. Fufu on the other hand is made from cassava. The issue now is that in some other countries like Togo, Benin, and Ghana, pounded yam is also referred to as fufu. Fufu is generally referred to as dough-like substance that is made by pounding tubers or any other foods rich in starch.

So, for the sake of clarity, the various kinds of fufu have been listed. Examples include the following;

  • Cassava fufu
  • Pounded yam fufu
  • Plantain fufu
  • Yam fufu
  • Durum wheat fufu
  • Oat fufu
  • Rice fufu (This fufu is made by pounding overcooked rice.
  • Corn fufu
  • Cassava and plantain fufu
  • Millet fufu
  • Cassava and corn fufu

So, if we consider the fact that yam fufu is under the various kinds of fufu, we will see they aren’t really the same thing. Fufu is more like a general name for any pounded starch.

What does pounded yam taste like?

As someone who has never tried pounded yam out before, you might have this question to ask—what does pounded yam taste like? Now, here’s something that can set your taste buds in fiery anticipation. Pounded yam has a very soft and elastic texture, and if you took time to chew on it, you’d notice the flavor contained in yams. When yams are boiled for pounding, salt is usually not added. So, what you are left with is nothing but a rich yam flavor.

Regardless, pounded yam can be classified as a swallow. And swallows should be dipped into stews or soups before they are eaten. Most times, it is the soup or stew it is dipped into that determines how nicely the pounded yam tastes. Swallows are also not to be chewed. So, you hardly ever know what the true taste is.

Examples of soups that can be eaten with pounded yam include the following;

  • Melon soup
  • Okra soup
  • Jute leaf soup
  • Spinach soup
  • Groundnut soup, etc.

The kind of soup you use will greatly affect the taste of your pounded yam.

How is pounded yam made?

Pounded yam is quite easy to make. In this section, we will be discussing the two different methods by which you can make your pounded yam. First, you can work with the traditional pounding method. That one involves you using a mortar and pestle. You can also work with the pounded yam flour. With the traditional method, you get to produce a more authentic and elastic pounded yam. However, the pounded yam flour is great if you cannot handle the stress of pounding.

Making pounded yam the traditional way

All you need for this process is yam, water, mortar and pestle. Follow the procedures below to make your pounded yam the traditional way.

1. Peel your yam tuber, slice them into small rectangles, and then rinse them under running water. What this does is to remove grime and other particles from the surface of the yam.

2. Place a big pot on fire and then, ensure that the cooker is on medium heat.

3. Add the sliced yam inside the pot of water. Do not add salt or any other seasoning to the water.

4. Wait for the yam slices to soften within the boiled water. You can use a fork to know if they have become soft. Once your fork goes right through the slice of yam, it means they are ready for cooking.

5. Strain the water out of the pot and then, set the cooked yam slices aside

6. Clean your mortar and pestle.

7. Place the cooked yam slices inside the mortar and then, pound it with your mortar.

8. Add in warm water as you pound to ensure that the yam adheres to form one big lump.

9. Ram your pestle against the yam in different directions to get rid of any lump. The result should have an elastic pull to it. It should also be very soft.

10. Serve the pounded yam and wrap them in nylon wraps.

11. Serve your pounded yam with any soup of your choice.

Making pounded yam the modern way

Pounded yam can be made using a food processor or with the pounded yam flour. If you want to use your food processor, work with the following steps;

1. After cooking your yam slices till they are soft.

2. Add the slices into your food processor and then, pulse until you get a really smooth lump.

3. Transfer the yam to a pot.

4. Pour in a little bit of warm water.

5. Use a turning stick to mix the warm water with the pounded yam.

6. Serve the food when you are done.

You could also work with the pounded yam flour

1. Boil water within an electric kettle

2. Mix your pounded yam flour with water in a small bowl. Ensure that the mix is quite runny.

3. Pour in the mix into a pot.

4. Add in the hot water and begin to mix it until it gets thick enough.

5. You should stop mixing when the mixture thickens considerably.

6. Serve your pounded yam hot with any soup of your choice.