Nutritional Value of Medjool Dates and Health Benefits

Nutrient value of dates

The word dates comes from a Greek word daktylos which means finger and date palms constitutes about 3% of the world’s cultivated land. They produce about 4 million tons annually as well. Date palm is not only useful due to its dates production but its leaves and wood is useful for other medicinal purposes and building materials as well, most people refer to it as tree of life.
Dates contain a lot of of nutrients as well as some vitamin and minerals which provide great nutritional value to the body system. Below are the nutritional value of medjool dates and its benefits

nutritional value of dates

Nutritional value of medjool dates

1. Fiber(0.6g)

Inadequate fiber in the body system can cause of constipation. Soluble and insoluble fiber present in dates is effective for the treatment of constipation and difficulty in digestion. Soaking a few dates throughout the night and consuming them in the morning as breakfast will help improve your digestive system and treat constipation.
Fiber in dates makes you get filled easily thereby preventing you from overeating and belly fat.
Dates are excellent source of fiber which helps to prevent hemorrhoids especially in pregnancy.

2. Sugar(4g)

Dates contain natural sugar inform of glucose which boost your energy levels and make you last longer during work activities. Mixing the dates with milk has proved to be more effective in boosting energy levels, consume it as your daily snack as it will help keep your energy level throughout the day. You can replace sugar with dates by blending the dates thereby changing it into a paste form and replacing it with the same ratio of the sugar. Dates also serve as natural sweeteners.

3. Potassium(47mg)

Another healthy nutrient present in dates is potassium. This helps to regulate your nervous system and drives away excess sodium/salt in our daily meals which can lead to high blood pressure and result to your risk of stroke.

4. Iron(0.07mg)

This is another nutritional value of medjool dates. Iron deficiency in a body system causes anemia which may result to fatigue, shortness of breath, tiredness, or chest pain. Dates which are rich in anemia are very effective in treating this.
Iron in dates helps to promote blood circulation to the scalp thereby helping your hair to grow. It also allows oxygen to flow to your scalp which also prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

5. Calories(20)

Dates are high in calories which are needed by pregnant women. They also help to strengthen the muscle of the uterus in the last months of their pregnancy.

7. Fluorine

Fluorine present in dates helps to slow down the process of tooth decay.

6. Vitamin

Dates contains important B vitamins(0.012mg) which helps to keep you healthy and also boost your energy levels. Dates can also help to strengthen and preserve your poor vision for a longer time which is often caused by a deficiency in vitamin A. And regular intake of dates does not only maintain your skin elasticity but also prevent the accumulation of melanin in your body due to vitamin C and D present in it.

8.  Nutrients

Dates are very rich in magnesium(3mg), manganese, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and copper. They help to prevent bone related conditions like osteoporosis and are also required in keeping your bone healthy and strong.

Including dates in your diet will enable you enjoy these nutritional value of medjool dates and its benefits.

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