How to Change Your NIN Phone Number Online (NIMC change of number)

Can I change my NIN phone number online nimc change of phone number

Can I change my NIN phone number online?

There are only certain fields that NIMC approves for change of details. These fields include the following;

  • Names
  • Date of Birth
  • Geographical location—Address
  • Phone number
  • Place of birth—State and Local Government Area
  • Place of origin
  • Father’s NIN
  • Father’s Town
  • Mother’s NIN
  • Mother’s Town.

Fortunately, the Phone number field happens to be among the fields listed above. So, for those that have been asking this question—Can I change my NIN phone number online? Now, NIMC does not allow for modifications to be run by individual persons. You have to visit the site where you registered for your NIN if you want to modify any detail that you presented.

There are certain documents that you have to present to the officials, regardless of the detail that you wish to change;

– The original copy of the NIN slip that was given to you after the first stage of registration. This copy should contain details of your Tracking ID.

– The printout of the RRR number that was given to you at the bank after making the necessary payment.

– A letter signed by you stating the reasons you want to change your phone number.

– A document that backs up the change of data field.

Now, you might want to change your Phone number after losing your SIM. It could also be as a result of the SIM getting damaged. You have to present a Police report to that effect. Once you have the report ready, you can then proceed to follow the processes below;

– Go to any NIN registration center near you. For convenience, it is advised that you go to the center where you did the first registration.

– You would be given a form to fill as regards the modification of your phone number. If you cannot read or write, you should go with someone that can help you with the form filling.

– When you are done filling the form, hand it over to any of the NIMC officials who would then ensure that the details match with whatever backing document you brought along.

– You would be asked to check your details again to avoid another error.

Once you are done with the procedures listed above, the original NIN slip would be collected from you by the NIMC official. Then, you would be requested to come back within three to five working days for your new slip.

The charge for this service is about five hundred naira. To make the payment for this process, follow the steps below;

– Head over to Remita’s site via any internet browser of your choice

– Tap ‘Pay Bills’

– Type in ‘National Identity Management Commission’ under the field that requests for the entity you wish to pay to.

– Name of Service—Modification of any other field other than DOB

– You would see the amount to pay.

– Type in your full name

– Type in your phone number

– Tick the box for ‘I am not a robot’

– Click the ‘Verify’ icon.

– Click ‘Submit’ to pay.

– You would then be shown a page with your RRR. Print the invoice.

– You can proceed to pay either by visiting your bank, using your card, using USSD details, Internet banking, or Wallet.

– After payment, ensure you print out the receipt. This will be the proof you submit at the NIMC branch.

NIMC change of phone number

The NIMC change of phone number is quite simple, and only requires a fee of five hundred naira only. It cannot be completed online. To change your phone number, walk into any of the branches of NIMC near you with the required documents for processing. Then, you would be asked to wait for about five working days (the time may be lesser if the network has a high speed) to come back for your corrected slip.

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