MTN 200 for 2GB Code 2023 – How to Get 2GB for N200 on MTN

Mtn 200 for 2gb

mtn 200 for 2gb code

This Mtn 200 for 2Gb code is the one for you if you fall in the category of heavy data users. All you need mostly is a functional phone that has an active Mtn SIM! The MTN 200 for 2Gb code works majorly as a night plan, and so, that means that you would only be able to access the service within the hours of 11pm and 6am every day. The night browsing plan actually fetches every Mtn registered subscriber to get data as much as two gigabytes (2GB) for two hundred naira (N200). This way, you can easily download or stream your favorite movies at a very low cost!

To get started, you need to join the Mtn Pulse! The Mtn Pulse is a tariff plan that allows Mtn users to enjoy several added benefits that other users aren’t opportune to! The plans here are even friendlier to the pocket than the regular ones, and so, you get to make maximum use of your favorite applications.

The Mtn night plan service is one of the many benefits that those under the Mtn Pulse program get to enjoy. As long as you are an Mtn Prepaid customer, you are free to enjoy this pulse plan. To join the Pulse program, you could just follow the steps below.

Note: If you’re already on the Mtn pulse tariff just skip this step and move to the next sub heading, if you’re not on the mtn pulse tariff plan, you can then go ahead to dial the code below to join.

  • Dial *406#.
  • You will see some on-screen prompts. Dial 1 to migrate to Mtn Pulse.

You could also migrate to the Mtn Pulse by doing any of the following;

  • Texting 406 to 131.
  • Dialing *406*1#
  • Dialing *123*2*2#

After dialing that code, you’ll receive a confirmation message welcoming you to the Mtn pulse tariff plan. From that moment you can then enjoy benefits that comes with Mtn pulse like the Mtn night data plan that gives you 2gb for just 200 and you’re going to see the code you’re going to use to activate this beautiful data plan below.

P.S: Migration to the mtn pulse tariff plan is totally free of charge if have being on your current tariff plan for more than a month. However if your current tariff plan is not up to a month since you migrated to it, migrating to mtn pulse tariff plan will then cost you around 100 naira.

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 Mtn 2gb for 200 code

The principle that this works by is this—you can subscribe for this data plan for as many as four times with the Mtn night plan. The twenty-five-naira (N25) plan will fetch you a data of two hundred and fifty mb (250MB) while the fifty-naira (N50) plan will fetch you five hundred mb (500MB). To get this plan working, you could either subscribe the twenty-five-naira plan eight times a night, or the fifty-naira plan four times a night.

  • To enable the 250mb data plan, dial *406*3*1#.
  • To enable the 500mb data plan, dial *406*3*2#

You could also get these Mtn 2Gb for 200 plans by following the methods below;

For the *406# code, follow the procedures below;

  • Dial *406# on the keypad of your device.
  • Dial the ‘3’ icon for night time bundles.
  • You will see a page where you are prompted to choose the kind of plan you want. There are two and plans, and they include;
  • N25 for 250mb.
  • N50 for 500mb.

To choose the first one, type in ‘1’ on your keypad. To choose the second one, type in ‘2’ in your keypad.

  • You will receive a message that asks for a confirmation of your transaction. If you want to confirm, type in ‘1’ on your keypad. The other option is for you to return to the menu.

You can now go on to enjoy your Mtn 200 for 2Gb code plan! Like I said you can repeat the subscription till you have a total data volume of 2GB.

In Summary

How do I get 200 for 2GB on MTN?

To get the 200 for 2gb on mtn dial *406#, Select 3 (Nightlife bundles), Select 1 (250mb for N25) or Select 2 (500mb for N50), repeat the steps until you get a total of 2gb of data. This data can only be used from 11pm – 6am and you must be on the mtn pulse.


For now, that’s the only way you can get 2gb worth of data for just 200 naira. Apart from the Mtn 200 for 1gb which last for 7 days, the mtn 200 for 2gb code can only be used at night from 11pm – 6am, irrespective of that, it is still very much affordable and a very good data plan for heavy users who still find themselves on the internet till midnight hours. You can just activate this plan and save your main data bundle. You can repeat it until you get to 2gb, that’s the limit per night.

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