How to Use MTN mPulse Data for All Apps

Today we will talk about whether it is possible to use your MTN mPulse bundle on all Apps on your phone or any other device and how to make it happen. This is a frequent question asked about this particular tariff plan offered by MTN, but before we go into explanations and details and steps on how to use it on all apps, we need to first know what this tariff plan mPulse is all about cause sometimes just knowing what it is can help clarify a lot of things.

MTN mPulse is one of the popular tariff plans made available on the MTN network. It is designed especially for kids and teenagers from ages 9 to 15 years to help them have access to affordable data. They can use this data to browse the internet for educational content while keeping in control to what they have access to for their safety.

MTN mPulse benefits

Data Bonus

  • MTN mPulse gives you a WhatsApp bonus when buy airtime for the first time in the month.
  • mPulse also gives an additional data bonus for every airtime recharge
  • And on your first visit to any mPulse website, you will be free 30MB bonus.

Birthday Bonus

  • MTN mPulse gives you N200 worth of airtime as a bonus on your birthday.

Data Bundles

  • MTN mPulse gives you access to some specific educational sites with available educational content such as lessons, tutorials, and much more.
  • MTN mPulse also offers some special bundles that are very cheap and affordable helping make it easier to access content.

Call And SMS Rates

  • You get to make calls to all networks in Nigeria at the flat rate of 15.36kobo/second
  • You also get to send SMS to all networks in Nigeria at the rate of N4

Airtime and Data Share

  • Airtime and data can be transferred from parent to child.

Parental Control

  • Parents can monitor, limit, and control what the children do on mPulse.


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Does MTN mPulse Work For All App?

No it does not work for all apps because as MTN mPulse was created with kids’ and teenagers’ growth and educational development in mind, it is safe to say that it does not work with all apps and websites only selected educational sites and apps, for example, YouTube. Even the data bundles available on MTN mPulse are called Education Bundles so this means that the plan was carefully made to mainly help with growth educationally.

How To Use MTN mPulse Data For All Apps

As we all know, MTN mPulse by default is only used for some selected websites and apps such as some Google sites and YouTube, but we have found some methods that you can try to bypass the restriction placed on MTN. Some of these methods are:

  1. Using Samsung Max VPN

  • First migrate to MTN mPulse, then subscribe to any of their data plans
  • Then download the Samsung Max VPN online or from your Play Store
  • Install the app and then open it
  • On the app’s home display screen, you will find “Mobile Data Saving Mode” and “Privacy Protection” which are off when you see them.
  • Turn them on, once they are on, they turn green after which you see a key-like symbol on your screen (at the top).
  • After you see the symbol you know it’s connected and then you can browse any site you want or download what you want.
  1. Using HTTP Injector VPN

  • Download and install the HTTP Injector VPN online or from your Play Store
  • Download the configuration file for the MTN mPulse bundle
  • Open the HTTP Injector VPN app on your device, on the home page you will find “DNS (Google DNS)” and “Start SSH” with a little box beside each one, tick the boxes.
  • Then on the home page you will find what looks like a paper icon at the top by the right corner
  • Select “Import Configuration”, then look for the Configuration file you downloaded and select it to import it.
  • After importing the file, you will then select “Start” to connect.
  • It will connect and once it connects, you can start browsing through any site of your choice.

The MTN mPulse tariff plan in its default form is restricted to only selected websites and apps but with the steps above you can bypass the restriction on the MTN mPulse bundle in order to be able to use it on any website or app. But we need to remember that we need to first be on the MTN mPulse plan or migrate to it before using the steps listed above, you can enjoy the cheap data for anything you want to use it for.  Below is how you can migrate to MTN mPulse.

How to Migrate to MTN mPulse

There are many ways to migrate to MTN mPulse, these steps are:

  1. Through SMS: Text mPulse to 344
  2. Using USSD Code
  • Dial *344*1# or dial *123*2*3#
  • After dialing and following the prompts if any, you’ll receive a message confirming the migration
  1. Using The MTN App
  • Open the myMTN App if you have it or download it if you don’t
  • Login or register (for first-timers), on the top right corner of the home page, you will find the display of your current plan under the notification bell
  • Click on it, then on the next page, click on change plan, then pick mPulse
  1. The MTN Web Page
  • Visit the MTN official web page
  • Enter your phone number and click proceed
  • Click send OTP on the next page, then enter the OTP and select Proceed
  • Click on your name at the top right corner of the page
  • Then select My Plan, after that select Other Plans
  • Then click on MTN Pulse or mPulse.


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