How to Unrestrict, Unblock and Reactivate My GTbank Account


How to unrestrict my GTbank account

Restriction of your GT bank account usually results in you not being able to make transactions on your account as you will. Restrictions could occur when you have carried out a withdrawal of funds that is more than what you have in your account as balance. The restrictions are only lifted when you must have cleared off the negative sign that mars your balance. So in this post you’re going to see how you can unrestrict, unblock and reactivate your Gtbank account incase you encounter of these problems.

Sometimes, these restrictions on your accounts are placed by the government. It could occur in scenarios where you don’t pay your taxes. Money could still get deposited in your account, but then, you wouldn’t be able to make withdrawals or transfers.

This kind of restriction can only be removed by the government if they notice that you are going through some kind of hardship financially.

In some very few cases, the customers themselves could order for a restriction on their account. That way, they can streamline the spending of a young individual. Usually, the funds in the account can only cover areas like education, health, and some other vital facets of his or her life. The only way to unrestrict such GTbank account is by waiting for the individual to attain the age of 21.

How to unblock my GTbank account

To unblock your GTbank account, we will go through some other techniques.

With the USSD code, *737#

Dial the code with the number you used to register your bank account. You would need a fully working mobile device for this particular step.

  • Type in your Bank Verification number.
  • Type in ‘1’ to continue with the process.
  • To finish, run a payment option via your account.

Another way of unblocking your GTbank account is by going to any of the nearby GTB branches.

There, you’d table a request to have your account unblocked. From there, you’d be requested to provide information that would be used in getting your account unlocked. Once the customer representative can ascertain the validity of those details, your account would be instantly unblocked.

You could also place a call to the customer service of the GTbank for more instructions on what to do.

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How to reactivate my GTbank account

The major reason you’d want to reactivate your account is you not using the account for a time too long. An active account is one that requires you making transactions, transfers, and so on as often as possible.

If activities are not recorded on the account for about six months, the account is considered inactive. If the time frame is more than six months, the account becomes dormant.

Below are a couple tips on how you can reactivate your GT bank account.

  • Dial in the USSD code—*737*11# on the keypad of your mobile device.
  • Type in your Bank’s Verification number
  • Type in ‘1’ on the keypad to go on with the process.

Finish this process by making a purchase via your GTbank account. You could buy airtime or make a simple transfer bill.

You could also try to transfer money from your account to another. Deposit of cash or check into your account could also render it active.

When you need to reactivate an account which has been inactive for more than six months; i.e., dormant, you’d need to follow the steps below;

For accounts owned by single individuals, you’d need to fill the gaps in reactivation forms. You would also need any utility bill that was issued within a period of three months away from that present time.

Lastly, you’d also need a solid means by which you can be identified. You could work with a National ID card, or a Permanent Voting card. Once you have all the documents ready, present them, at any GTB branch close to you.

For accounts owned by sole proprietors, a reactivation letter is required, as well as an identification card that is signed by the necessary authorities

For accounts that belong to limited liability companies, you would need a form for account reactivation. This form must contain the signature of two directors. Then, you would also need an ID card that would regulate the operations.

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