MTN Barred My Line Because of NIN – How to Unbar My MTN SIM 2023

how to unbarred my mtn sim

MTN barred my line because of NIN

MTN barred my line because of NIN, why? Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria ordered for the barring of all lines that aren’t linked to a NIMC account. The Federal Government plans to have a database of everyone who lives in Nigeria, and the NIN is a tool they wish to employ in keeping those tabs. So, if you have never at a time linked your MTN line to your NIN or by working with the MTN app, your MTN line would have definitely been barred. So in this post you’re going to see how you can unbar your MTN sim.

It isn’t new that MTN has always warned its users of disconnection of their lines after a while. The Federal Government allowed a useful period of time for its citizens to get their NIN details. They always had promised to bar the lines of anyone who failed to defy the instruction. Only recently did they go on with their promise.

Now, for those wondering why MTN barred their lines, we would be looking at several solutions they can employ;

Visit an NIMC office

The first thing to do is search for any branch of NIMC close to you. You would be asked to present these details;

  • Your driver’s license (if you are of age)
  • Your Voter’s card (Either the temporary or Permanent voter’s card)
  • Your birth certificate
  • School ID card or any other means of identification.
  • Immigration documents
  • Declaration of age
  • Bank Verification Number (if you have a bank account), as well as your biometrics (fingerprint and face capture).

On submitting all of these details, you would be issued a slip that contains the following details;

  • Your Tracking ID
  • Your registration center
  • Your registration date
  • Your enroller’s Identification details
  • Your Surname
  • Your First Name
  • Your Middle Name
  • Gender, etc.

After you have been issued the Enrolment Transaction slip, you would then be told to return after a week to collect the slip with your NIN details. Ensure that you do not lose the slip given to you during that timeframe.

After the specified time given, return to get your NIN slip. The NIN usually is a 11-digit number. However, on receiving the details, the account wouldn’t be active right away. You have to ensure that you order for a fast-tracking of the account validation. Once your account is validated and activated, you can then go on with the next step.

Dial *785# with any of your MTN SIMs

You would then be prompted to enter in your NIN digits. Immediately, MTN would link your line to the NIN details. Once this linking is successful, you would receive a message from MTN, validating that fact. Instantly, this process gets rid of any bar that might have been placed on your line. The proof is that you get to freely make calls with your MTN line and you won’t get that “you are not allowed to call this number” message again.

How to unbar my MTN SIM

To unbar your MTN SIM, having a validated and active NIN detail is very mandatory. For tips on how to unbar my MTN SIM, follow the procedures below;

– Link your NIN to your MTN line by dialing *785#

You could also head over to the MTN application. You would see a slot for NIN where you would be prompted to submit your NIN details.

Whatever digits you submit to MTN would be verified by NIMC first before the linkage becomes successful.

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