How to Share Data on AIRTEL With Code + Transfer Data

how to transfer mb from airtel to airtel

How to Transfer MB from Airtel to Airtel

Do you want to know how to transfer data or MB from Airtel to Airtel? If you often find friends running out of MB and requesting hotspot access or data sharing, here’s a guide for you. Especially if you’re an internet enthusiast like me, always stocked with MB no matter what!

Switching on hotspot for your friends can be cumbersome. It requires close proximity, drains your battery, and risks unauthorized users connecting and depleting your data without your consent.

It’s preferable to transfer or share data selectively, avoiding unauthorized access. In this guide, I’ll show you how to transfer MB from Airtel to Airtel hassle-free.

Staying without MB these days can be tedious. Whether chatting, browsing social media, watching videos, streaming music, playing online games, or binge-watching Netflix, the need for data is endless.

Understanding the importance of data, you wouldn’t want your friends to miss out, especially when they’re short on cash to purchase data.

Airtel Telecommunications, a leaing service provider in Nigeria, enables you to transfer or gift your data to family and friends on the Airtel network effortlessly.

How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel

To transfer data or megabytes from your Airtel to another Airtel number, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *312#
  2. Select 6 (Gifting & Sharing)
  3. Choose 4 (Data Me2U)
  4. Select 2 (Send Me2U from existing allowance)
  5. Enter the recipient’s number
  6. Enter the data allowance (the amount of data to send)
  7. Enter your PIN and press Send.

You can transfer a maximum of 200MB at a time and to a maximum of two persons daily.

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how to share mb from airtel to airtel

Airtel Smartshare

Did you know you can transfer unlimited data to your family and friends using Airtel? It’s called Airtel Smartshare. With this feature, they can continue browsing, downloading, and chatting non-stop as long as you have MB on your SIM.

Sharing and transferring data differ. While transferring MB involves sending data to another Airtel user, Airtel Smartshare allows sharing data plans with family and friends on the Airtel network.

Airtel Data Gifting

Data gifting entails buying data bundles for others from your own account. If your family or friends run out of data, you can purchase an Airtel data bundle for them, deducting the airtime cost from your balance.

To gift data on Airtel:

  1. Dial *312# from your Airtel SIM
  2. Select 6 (Data Gifting & Sharing)
  3. Choose 2 (Data Gifting)
  4. Select the desired data plan
  5. Enter the recipient’s number
  6. Enter your PIN and send.

Airtel Data Me2U

Data Me2U means sharing your data bundle with others. If you have enough data, you can share it with your family and friends, allowing them internet access on their devices.

With Airtel Me2U, you can share your data with up to four people, adding them to your Airtel family list. You already have a default PIN (1234) assigned to you for your data gifting and sharing but you wouldn’t want to use that right?

Unless you want to be gifting and sharing your data with unauthorized persons, so I’d advise you to change your PIN to your own personal PIN you can remember.

How to reset my Airtel data transfer PIN

Apart from data sharing, Airtel offers various services:

  • Resetting your Airtel data transfer PIN: Dial *312#, select 6 (Data Gifting & Sharing), then choose 1 (Change PIN).
  • Adding and deleting numbers from your Airtel family list: Send “ADD Recipient’s number” or “DEL Recipient’s number” to 121 to manage access to your shared data.

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How to share data from airtel to airtel

To share MB from Airtel to Airtel first of all send SHARE as a text message to 121. You will receive a message from airtel on how to add friends or family members to your Airtel family list. This will enable you to share your data with them.

Adding Members to Airtel Family List

Managing your Airtel family list is essential for controlling who accesses your shared data. Adding or removing numbers is a simple process.

To add members to your Airtel family list, follow these steps:

  1. Send “ADD Recipient’s number” to 121. For instance, if the number you want to add is 080XXXXXXXX, send “ADD 080XXXXXXXX” to 121.
  2. Upon the request, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Reply with 1 to confirm.

From then on, the recipients will have access to your data until you choose to cancel or delete them from your list.

Deleting Numbers from Airtel Family List

If you mistakenly added someone or want to remove a member from your Airtel family list, follow these steps:

  1. Send “DEL Recipient’s number” to 121. For instance, to remove 080XXXXXXXX from accessing your data, send “DEL 080XXXXXXXX” to 121.
  2. The person will no longer have access to your data. If you wish to add them back, follow the previously mentioned steps.


Staying connected and ensuring your loved ones have access to data is crucial. With Airtel’s data sharing and gifting options, you can easily support others’ connectivity needs.

Maintaining connectivity is important, and Airtel provides a range of options to ensure seamless data sharing and gifting among users on their network. Whether it’s transferring MB or gifting data, managing your Airtel family list, Airtel strives to cater to the diverse needs of their users.

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