How to Stop Browsing With Airtime on MTN in 2023

How to stop mtn from using my airtime for browsing

how to stop browsing with airtime on mtn

Have you always noticed your airtime being deducted anytime you’re browsing on the internet and you want to know how to stop browsing with your airtime on mtn? Worry no more because in this post you’re going to find out how to do that, it’s very easy and straightforward.

The mtn pay as you go service is a service that allows you to browse on the internet with your airtime or credit. This usually occurs when ever you exhaust your mtn data bundle although some people complain of it happening even when they still have an active data plan.

For the latter cases, it can be really annoying having your airtime deducted whenever you’re browsing and this occurs in the background without your knowledge until you switch off your data and see the pop up message of the session you have used.

Even though browsing with your airtime on mtn can be temporarily beneficial in some cases, on the long run it is a waste of money. So whatever your own reason to stop browsing with credit or airtime on mtn below is the code to do that.

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How to stop browsing with airtime on mtn

The code to deactivate, cancel or stop browsing with airtime on mtn is *131*201# or you send SUSPEND to 131 via text message. Once you do that you’ll instantly receive a pop up message confirming your successful cancellation of the mtn pay as you go service.

If you successfully followed the instruction above, congrats! Your airtime will no longer be deducted or used anytime you’re browsing the internet, your internet connection will be terminated anytime your data exhausts or expires and your airtime will still be intact and untouched.

Mtn pay as you go

Like I said earlier, the mtn pay as you go service even though annoying sometimes can still be beneficial in some cases. We can all admit that we’ve run out of data when we needed it the most, especially in times when we urgently need to check something online but don’t have any data to do that.

This is where mtn pay as you go comes in handy. In such cases where you don’t have enough airtime to subscribe for an mtn data plan, you can also activate the mtn pay as you go which allows you make use of your airtime to browse at that moment.

Thanks for the information above you can always stop browsing with your airtime on mtn by cancelling the service when you no longer want it or anytime you activate a new data plan.

How to browse with airtime on mtn

In that case, it is also important you know how to activate the mtn pay as you go service whenever the need arises, you can always refer back to this post to cancel the service whenever you done with it.

For more detailed information on how to activate the mtn pay as you go service so that you’ll be able to browse with your airtime check this post here.

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I know and understand how it feels having your airtime deducted without your awareness anytime you’re browsing, especially if it’s airtime you have already planned to use for an important call or subscription. That’s why I made this post to help you solve the problem if you’re facing the issue.

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