How to Make Sweet Potato Fries Crispy Without Using Cornstarch

how to make sweet potato fries crispy without cornstarch

Can you make crispy sweet potato fries without cornstarch?

Everyone always asks if you can make crispy sweet potato fries without cornstarch? The answer to that is yes! Yes, you can make crispy sweet potato fries without cornstarch. But then, how can that be done? Can one still get that crispiness that cornstarch adds to the fries? The answer to that is also this—yes, you can! In this recipe, we will be looking at all the steps you could take to achieve the same sweetness and crispiness!

How to make sweet potato fries crispy without cornstarch

On how to make sweet potato fries crispy without cornstarch, we will be looking at tons of tips and options.

You could coat your sweet potato chops with bread crumbs

If you have ever heard of Panko breadcrumbs, this is where you want to try using it! You might also want to try fusing in a generous amount of veggie strips to the coating.

Egg white

Eggs are one of those food items that you can find anywhere and everywhere! Now, instead of sticking to plain sweet potato fries, you could just start by beating up some egg whites. After chopping your potato into nice strips, dip them into the beaten whites and then fry!

When cutting your potato, ensure that the fries are very thin and with uniform shapes

You would definitely not want a situation where your fries taste more like potato slices. Fries are meant to be sweet and crispy. To get that crispiness, you might want to keep the slices very thin.

Do not go meager with your oil

When frying those fries, ensure that the oil is so generous that is swallows them up completely. This tip will easily fetch you the crispiest fries ever!

Keep the oven’s heat at 400-degree Fahrenheit

This tip is for those that plan on using ovens to get the potato strips into yummy fries. The best temperature your oven should be set to should be in the range of 350 and 400 degrees. Anything higher could lead to the moisture leaving completely. It could also lead to you having burnt chips instead.

Go for long potatoes

When buying your potatoes at the market, do not go for the fat ones with wide diameter. Go for the long ones that would easily fetch you the fry effect.

Now, we have generously attacked the tips on how to make your fries crispy. Now, how do we handle the sweetness? You definitely want your taste buds to be blessed with some rich and delectable sauce, yes? Follow the tips below to get started!

  • Season your potato strips with curry

Curry has this heat that always blends with the natural sweetness embedded in potato itself.

  • Chipotle

Half a teaspoon of chipotle Chile powder, curry and cayenne pepper smeared all around your potato strips will naturally give you that sweetness!

  • Pepper

With pepper, you get to give your fries a hot and spicy taste that you may never forget in a hurry. This tip is great for those that get irritated after consuming a little too much of oil. Cayenne or black pepper powder is sure to fetch you the result you need here.

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