Recipe For Making Nigerian Puff Puff

In today’s article I’ll be showing you the Recipe For Making Nigerian Puff Puff

Recipe For Making Nigerian Puff Puff

Ingredients for Nigerian puff puff

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Table salt
  • Yeast
  • Cinnamon(optional)

You can use any amount of the ingredients for nigerian puff puff mentioned above depending on the quantity of nigerian puff puff you want to make but in this post we are going to use 500g of flour and 6 table spoons of sugar , half tea spoon of salt, 3 tea spoons of yeast and cinnamon for more taste.

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How to make Nigerian puff puff with self raising flour

  1. Get a sizable bowl that will contain all the mixture, and add the 500g flour into the bowl followed by 6 table spoons of sugar. Then half tea spoon of salt also followed by the 3 tea spoons of your yeast and if you like to use cinnamon you also add it for more taste.
  2.  Properly mix everything together before adding water. I normally add a small bowl of warm water, this helps to activate the yeast and helps to make my puff puff rise faster. You can also use cold water if you want but your puff puff will take time before it rises, using warm water speeds up the process.

So after adding the water mix everything  all the contents of the bowl properly together, if you need more flour you add it, if you need more water you add it continue mixing until they form a paste.

3. Then cover the bowl mixture with cling film cover it properly make sure there’s no opening anywhere cover it with cling film entirely and keep it in a warm place to rise.

4.While waiting for your mixture to rise place a pot of ground oil on fire in order for it to steam up because using a cold oil make the puff puff to soak to much oil during frying, so allow the oil to get hot before adding the puff puff so that it will fry faster and not soak too much oil.

I normally add onion to the oil while it’s steaming up to give my puff puff that satisfying onion taste, just  like the cinnamon this is also optional.

How to make Nigerian puff puff with yeast

5. By now your nigerian puff puff must have risen and doubled in size after about half an hour it’s now time to fry it. Smooth and take a sizable handful of puff puff and add to the oil already on fire make sure the oil is hot but not too hot before adding the nigerian puff puff if not the outside part of the puff will be cooked while the inside will not be properly cooked.

Ensure the oil is at the right temperature not too hot and not too warm, you can adjust your cooker temperature as you cook along.

6. If you are using a medium size pot you can add 9-10 puff puff and make sure there is space in the pot for the nigerian puff puff to fry.

Allow the nigerian puff puff to fry until it turns to golden brown, keep turning it every now and then until all the sides have turned to golden brown and you sure that the inside of it is well cooked as well.

7. Once every side of the puff puff has turned golden brown and inside is well cooked you can start bringing them out, allow the oil to drip back into the pot when taking them out.

Now if you touch the nigerian puff puff you will notice it’s crispy and when you open it you will see that the inside is well cooked.

This is Recipe For Making Nigerian Puff Puff , hope you enjoyed the article don’t forget to share to your friends on your social media platforms.

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