Get Over Ex Boyfriend: 4 Tips To Help You Get Over Him Fast

How to get over ex boyfriend who dumped you

1. Unfollow your ex

how to get over him cheating

There’s no need for you to be stalking your ex boyfriend’s page, if you’re a real woman you should just block him so you can’t see him and he won’t know what’s going on in your life. You forget about him he forgets about you but don’t be on his page, don’t stalk him because you’re going to keep thinking about him. The goal is to get over your ex boyfriend, you need to have a lot of control sis. For instance when you take a trash out and leave it in the trash, you don’t go outside to check on the trash to know how it’s doing, it’s garbage it’s out to be thrown out It’s finished you don’t check on it again your ex is the same way.

2. Focus on yourself

how to get over ex boyfriend that you love

Most ladies think the best way to get over their ex boyfriend is to get under somebody else, that’s not healthy don’t try to occupy your mind with somebody else so that you can get over your ex boyfriend, it’s not going to work trust me. Instead of getting under somebody else get under yourself, lift yourself up it’s time to start focusing on you.

I think this is a beneficial opportunity for you, think about how much time you spend talking to your ex boyfriend, how much time you spent with him at the end of the day he ended up cheating on you or the relationship didn’t work out, you wasted a lot of time that you could have being spending on yourself.

Now you can achieve things you were not able to achieve when you were with that person and when you were making them your priority you forgot about yourself. So now you can put yourself back up to number one and fall back in love with yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you’re going to have because if the relationship with yourself isn’t right the rest of your relationship with others is not going to work out,  so work on yourself, your confidence, your hobbies, your school, work on every aspect of your life, level up to the best and now when you move into relationship you move in like a queen that you are.

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3. Learn from your past

get over ex boyfriend you still love

It’s good to look at every single thing as a learning lesson. Even though it might seem like you wasted a lot of time in your past relationship, there must be one or two things you didn’t like about your ex boyfriend, take that as a learning lesson as this will help you make better decisions next time before moving into another relationship. Also if it’s your fault that you guys broke let’s say you did something wrong or he didn’t like one of your trait or something like that great, now you’ve known that bad trait of yours and you can go and work on them for the next relationship and your next relationship is going to be ten times better because your new boyfriend isn’t going to worry about those bad traits of yours anymore.

4.Hang out with your girls

get over toxic ex boyfriend

Get some of your best girls, get dressed up and go do something. If y’all want to go to the club fine, if it’s dinner, shopping, getting your hair and nails fixed great, get popping take some pictures of yourself and use it as a wallpaper on your phone. I want you remember that you don’t need any man to complete you, you need to be complete on your own before meeting somebody else, the man will just be an extra to what you already have.

Don’t waste your life being hung up on one boyfriend when there are literary billions of other good men out waiting to love and appreciate you, if your ex boyfriend didn’t treated the way you want to be treated don’t worry there are plenty of them out there that will, never ever beg somebody to treat you the way you need to be treated.

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Life is a big elevator you should keep elevating yourself every single day. Sometimes on that elevator, the people that are riding with you will get off you have to let them off. If they don’t appreciate and value you, it’s fine somebody else will just let them go that’s their problem because you know who you are that’s the energy you need to have. Listen to some cardi b or nicki minaj, put your lip gloss on and move on.

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