How to Get 6GB on GLO Yakata + New GLO Yakata Migration Code

How to get 6gb on glo yakata

If you want to know how to migrate to the new glo yakata and how to get 6gb free data on glo yakata then you’re in the right place. Just read this post to the very end in order not to miss anything.

Globacom is one the major telecom service providers in Nigeria. As we all know when it comes to data, they are the “Grand Masters”. They have over the years proven to be the best when it comes to providing super awesome deals on data, not just that, their mouth watering data and call bonuses has attracted a lot of customers to them and is still making people come for more.

They have a lot of amazing call and data plans that will keep you glued to the network but today we are going to be looking at one of their best which is the glo yakata tariff plan.

This plan has gained popularity due to the super awesome deals that comes with it and everyone wants to jump on the tariff plan in order not to miss out on these awesome deals.

For the sake of people that have heard about the glo yakata tariff plan and want to know how they can join this plan and enjoy it’s benefits, not to worry, I’m going to show you how to do that below. After that, we can then proceed to see how you can get the free 6gb on glo yakata.

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How to migrate to new glo yakata

To migrate to the new glo yakata tariff plan is very easy. Normally if you buy and activate a new glo sim, you’ll be on the glo yakata tariff plan. By default all new glo sims comes with the yakata tariff plan.

However if you already have a glo sim (existing customer) you can still join the glo yakata tariff plan. All you have to do is to dial *230# with your glo sim and you will be migrated to the glo yakata tariff plan.

Having joined the glo yakata tariff plan, you’re now eligible to enjoy all the awesome deals that come with this plan. One of the benefits you get to enjoy from this tariff plan is the free 6gb data, continue reading below to see how you can get the get 6gb on glo yakata, it’s very easy and straightforward.

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How to get 6gb on glo yakata

Apart from the call and data bonuses you receive anytime you recharge on glo yakata, you also get to receive a free 6gb of data every month for 6 months of using the plan.

This 6gb of data comes in form of 3gb main data + 3gb bonus data = 6gb. It’s available to all new and existing customers that have joined the glo yakata tariff plan and is received every month for a period of 6 months.

To enjoy more amazing deals and bonuses on glo yakata tariff plan just keep recharging your line. You get to enjoy amazing call and data bonuses each time you recharge your line. Check our previous post on the benefits of glo yakata tariff plan to see a breakdown of all the call and data bonuses you’ll receive on each recharge and their validity period.

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