How to Generate Statement of Account from First Bank App, Online

How to Generate Statement of Account from First Bank App and Online

First Bank Nigeria online statement of account

A statement of account is defined as a list that shows all the transactions that have occurred on your account during a period of time. The First Bank Nigeria online statement of account is usually made available on Tuesday evenings. Then, by Wednesday, they are printed and mailed over to the recipients. Once the statement of your account is ready, you would be notified via email. So, all you’d need to do to access the mail would be to log in to your account, and view statements regarding your current and former bank statements.

First Bank statements are usually safe and secure. When you review your bank statement regularly, you get to reduce the incidence of identity theft.

You can get your statement of account online by dialing any of the customer care service lines, downloading First bank online app. You could also address a letter to the manager of your bank’s branch. The content of the letter should revolve around the reason you need the statement of account, and the period it should cover. Usually, all the transactions you had with your bank account during the speculated time is mailed over to you.

How to generate statement of account from First Bank app

On how to generate statement of account from First Bank app, we will be looking at the steps listed out below;

  • Log in to the mobile application
  • Click the ‘Welcome’ icon at the upper bar of the screen.
  • Tap ‘All Services and Settings.’
  • Under ‘Preferences’ tab, tap ‘View Statements.’
  • Under ‘Electronic Statement Delivery’, tap ‘Electronic Statement Only Delivery.’
  • The electronic disclosure statement shows up. After viewing the disclosed details, click ‘Accept.’ If you want to print out the details, click ‘Accept and Print.’
  • Verify your email address. It is to the address that the notifications would be addressed.

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To view your statement of account at any time on your mobile application, run through the procedures below;

  • Click ‘Accounts’
  • Click ‘All Accounts’
  • Click the account you wish to see statements from.
  • Click ‘Statements’ in the upper border of the display. Check the right-hand side of the border.
  • Click the particular statement that you wish to have retrieved. Then, click ‘View.’

Your statement would show up as a PDF file. You can either print or save the file.

After enrolling for the electronic statements, you would be able to access them for about 18 months. To receive the e-statements, you have to be enrolled in first bank online banking.

To enroll for first bank online banking, follow the procedures listed out below;

-Beneath the homepage for first bank, under the fields for ‘Online Banking login’, find the ‘enroll today’ section.

– Click ‘Personal accounts’

– You would then see the electronic disclosure consent statement. Once you read through those details, tap the ‘I Agree’ icon.

– You would receive a prompt that informs you of a need for a First Bank account to continue.
Click ‘OK’

– Then, you would see the online banking agreement. Once you finish reading through, tap the checkbox.
Tap ‘I agree’

– Fill in the details required of you in the next prompt

– Give details for your username and password. Then, tap ‘Continue.’

You are now done with the enrolment form. You would receive a message that validates the enrolment process.

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