How to Convert Your MTN Pulse Points to Airtime and Data 2023

How to convert MTN Pulse points to airtime and data

How to convert MTN Pulse points to airtime

With so many Pulse point rewards as an MTN Pulse tariff user, you wonder how to use them instead of just leaving them hanging. One way you can use your MTN Pulse points is to convert or redeem them. So below let’s see how you can convert your MTN pulse points to airtime or data.

Pulse points are worth or equivalent to N1 each. That is to say, if you have about 10 pulse points, that will be N10 in value. And 200 pulse points are equal to N200 in value. So imagine having that much amount of pulse points and you do not have Airtime. You might decide to use them to make a call. Hence why you are looking for ways to convert your mtn pulse points to Airtime for calls.

But, the big question is, can you use MTN Pulse points fund calls on the MTN network? The answer is No. Pulse points are specially for data purchase for self.

Converting your pulse points to airtime is not an available option on the MTN network. You can only have 3 options to convert pulse points to. You can convert your pulse points to;

  • Data bundles
  • Nightlife bundles
  • IG/TikTok bundles.

This might sound disappointing, but you should know the MTN Pulse tariff plan is more bent on data bonuses than voice bonuses. Though it also caters for calls as well.

Aside from getting pulse points rewards, migrating to MTN Pulse also allows you to make calls to any network anywhere in Nigeria at a flat rate of 11.26k/sec. Your first minute of call for the day is charged at 25.6k/sec, after which you can enjoy the call rate of 11.26k/sec for the rest of the day beginning from your second call minute. This is a good offer for calls still.

Special data plans and night data bundles are also exclusive to MTN Pulse users. For N300, you can get a 750MB data plan valid for 3 days, or you can get 1.5GB worth of data valid for 1 week for just N500. In addition to night data plans (Nightlife bundles) that you can use within the hours of 11PM to 6AM.

So if you need to get hold of these offers, you need to be on MTN Pulse to get pulse points. Dial the code *406# on your phone to get started migrating to MTN Pulse today and start getting pulse point rewards whenever you buy or share data. Or you can dial the direct USSD code *406*1# or *123*2*2# to migrate to MTN pulse.

Migration is free of charge if you haven’t done any tariff plan migration within the month. If you have migrated to another tariff plan within the month, then you need to have at least N100 worth of airtime in your balance as you will be charged a migration fee of N100.

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How to convert mtn pulse point to data

Pulse points are worth or equivalent to N1 each. That is to say, if you have about 10 pulse points, that will be N10 in value. And 200 pulse points are equal to N200 in value.

So before proceeding to convert your pulse points or data, you have to be sure you have enough points to purchase the data plan you have in mind. 100 pulse points can only give you N100 worth of data and nothing more.

To check your pulse point balance

  • Dial *406#
  • Press 7, the number corresponding to Pulse Point.
  • Press 1 and then send

Or you can just dial the MTN Pulse Point balance USSD code *406*7*1#. A message showing the number of pulse points you have will be sent to you.

If you just migrated to MTN pulse, it is safe to assume you do not have enough pulse points yet to purchase data. You need to gather enough to purchase data. Earn MTN Pulse points when you do the following when you migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan.

  • Purchase some selected daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles
  • Gifting data to loved ones
  • Subscribe to MTN Music Time
  • Purchase IG/TikTok bundles
  • Also, Activities on the myMTN app which include
  • Login to the myMTN app.
  • Transfer of airtime/data via the myMTN app.

Please note, You can only get pulse migration points once on your first migration to MTN Pulse. Subsequent migrations will not reward you with any pulse points.

The number of Pulse points you will get depends on the amount of data you purchase. A small data purchase means a small amount of pulse point rewards, while a bigger data purchase gives higher pulse point rewards.

Pulse points are valid till the end of the year (i.e, 31st December), and are not transferable. So don’t wait too long before using them.

Now, to convert your pulse points to data, Dial *406*7# to bring up the data options. They include;

  • Data Bundle
  • Nightlife Bundle
  • IG/TikTok

Pressing 1, will bring up the options for daily, weekly, or monthly data bundles.

If you press 2, you can purchase Nightlife Bundles which are valid for use only within the hours of 11PM to 6AM.

  • 250MB for 25 pulse points
  • 500MB for 50 pulse points

You can purchase as many times as you want, but not beyond the fair usage policy of 2GB in a day.

Pressing 3 will bring up the IG/TikTok bundles which you can use to surf content on Instagram and TikTok.

  • 350MB for 100 pulse points
  • 1GB for 200 pulse points

Alternatively, you can convert your pulse points to data by dialing the code for the data plan that you want to purchase and then choosing to pay with pulse points. When trying to purchase data, on the USSD pop up there will be two options under “kindly select payment type”. Choose points to fund the purchase with your pulse points.

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