How to Check My Date of Birth on My GTBank Account 2023

how to check my date of birth on my gtbank account

How to check my date of birth on my GTBank account

For the name, contact address, date of birth and other biometrics peculiar to the bank account of an individual, the BVN is the key. In this outline, we will study how to check your date of birth on your GTBank account.

First, you need to note that BVN is a unique identification given to the owners of bank accounts in Nigeria in order to aid identification and security.

With BVN has come increased protection of personal data and privacy. It’s also easier to validate the ownership of an account or a chain of accounts.

Unlike other forms of security that have been raised for the protection of data, BVN utilizes the use of biometrics, i.e., fingerprints, facial recognition, and sometimes, a vocal recognition.

Asides from the biometrics, you’d also need to provide other details like your date of birth, name, an enrolment form (this will be presented to you by GTBank), a means by which the bank can verify your identity—an international passport, voter card, National Identity Card, National Identity Number, Driver’s license, etc.

Any option you go for should have your picture attached to it. To have access to your date of birth from your GTB account using the BVN link, your BVN has to have been previously linked to the account.

To get that done, you don’t have to be physically present at a bank branch. You could work out things from the Internet. For example, check the steps below;

  • With a suitable browser, log on to GTB’s Internet Banking website.
  • You’d find an icon for the linkage of BVN at the left-side of the page. Click that.
  • Click the New Request
  • You would then see a drop-down menu that would prompt you to enter your BVN.
  • You’d be asked to choose the bank where the BVN was issued. This step is necessary if you perhaps own more than one bank accounts.
  • For added security, you’d be prompted to click a secret question as well as provide an answer.

Asides from going through that with the online option, you could walk up to an ATM stand and then, get started using the procedures below;

  • Slot your GTB card into the ATM.
  • You’d see a BVN Link just at the display for transaction menu.
  • Type in your Bank Verification Number. Your BVN comprises 11 digits.
  • Confirm the BVN digits you entered.
  • Submit the BVN.

Lastly, you could link up your BVN with your phone via SMS. All you need do is text your details to this contact—08076665555. Once the linkage is done, you can thereafter use it for the purpose of checking your details later on.

For example, in scenario you forget your BVN, you can just dial 565*0# with the contact address that you used for the BVN—MTN, GLO, etc. A message will be sent to you immediately at a charge.

You can then take the details to your bank to get any detail you need.


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