How to Check My Date of Birth on My Access Bank Account 2023

How to check my date of birth on my Access Bank account

How to check my date of birth on my Access Bank account

In a scenario where you have to ascertain a detail peculiar to you on your Access Bank account, for example, your date of birth, what do you do? What are the steps or routes that you can take to achieve clearance? In this outline, we will study tips on how to check your date of birth on your Access Bank account.

The BVN route is perhaps the commonest and mostly applied route when it comes to checking out details like your date of birth, etc. BVN is an acronym that stands for Bank Verification Number.

It is peculiar to your account and will help protect your details as well as prevent fraudulent activities that could take place on or with your account.

The reason the BVN route is this efficient is that it makes use of biometrics that can only belong to you. Examples of biometrics include your fingerprint and facial recognition.

During the process of registering for your BVN at the bank, you’d be asked to fill a form of details that you might at one time or the other need.

For example, you’d be asked for details like your National Identity Number (NIN) and date of birth. All of these are usually stored on the database system of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Note that all BVN’s are issued by the CBN.

However, before your Access bank account can provide you details that you need in the nearest future, you’d need to link the BVN to your account. You can link up via the bank’s website, via SMS, or by the Internet Banking app.

For the first option, all you need to do is head over to a suitable internet browser and then, type the Access Bank online website. From that page, you can make any necessary navigation.

For the SMS Option, all you need to do is text BVN, account number and BVN number to 20121. So, the message ends up coming out in this format—BVN 33366677723 77764629091.

Lastly, for the bank app option, you’d have to download the application from Play Store if you are using an android device or from Apple Store if you are using an Apple device.

After downloading, sign in if it’s your first time. If it isn’t your first time, you can just log in right away.

After signing in to the Access Bank Platform, click the menu bar for Service Requests. Then, you can click the Initiate Service Request option. Lastly, click the Link BVN tag.

The tag allows you to link the BVN to your Access Bank account. Note that your BVN can be linked to as many accounts as possible. How then can you access your BVN details online?


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How to check BVN details online for access bank

  1. You can work with the BVN validation portal

This portal exists for the main purpose of retrieving details like your BVN’s name, date of birth, phone number, etc. Start by logging in to the NIBSS BVN validation portal. Type in your BVN and date of birth. After tapping the search icon, you’d be prompted to choose a means of payment. This process automatically deducts 25 naira from your credit balance. Once payment is validated, you’d see a page containing all your details.

  1. You can also work with the USSD Code technique

By dialing *565*0#, you can check your BVN details. However, you must ensure that the contact address used to make the dial is the same as the number that was used to register the BVN. Note that the code works regardless of the carrier network you’re using.


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