How to Check GLO Night Data Balance for Free in 2023

How to check glo night plan balance

how to check glo night data balance

In my previous post I talked about the various glo night plans and how to activate them, so in this post we’re going to see how you can check your glo night data balance if you subscribe to any of those night plans.

You can agree with me that by far glo has being on the lead when it comes to “data” they didn’t get the title of “grand master of data” by mere talk. They have over the years provided the cheapest and most affordable data plans to their customers and the glo night plan is not left out on this.

While other telecom operators unavoidably slash their data volume, glo, in their own case have added and always add to their own. Looking at the data plans provided by telecom operators in Nigeria, you’ll see that glo data plans is the best choice for customers who want to get the complete value of their money.

Now moving back to glo night data plan, globacom Nigeria has being able to provide cheap and affordable night plans that gives you more than you even paid for and does not even place you on strict conditions before using them, in fact you’ll always feel at peace when you subscribe to any of their packages.

I don’t know the night plan package you’ve being opting in for but before we dive into how to check glo night data balance let me briefly run you through the glo night plan packages once more and why it’s the best choice for you.

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How to activate glo night data plan

These data plans are tagged “glo night and weekend plans” meaning you don’t just get flex these amazing data during midnight, you also get the best experience on the internet even during weekends at a very affordable rate!

Glo night and weekend plans

There are different packages of the glo night and weekend night browsing, choose anyone that suite you, they are all affordable.

Glo night browsing 25 naira

If you just want to surf the internet or download few less-heavy files then this plan is the best for you.
With just 25 naira you get back 250mb that you can use from 12am to 5am. If you find yourself browsing till midnight you can just activate this plan and save your regular data plan.

Glo night plan for 50 naira

This is the senior brother to the first one. You’ll get double of the first one which is 500mb and of course for just 50 naira. If you have some songs or videos you want to stream or download online you can go for this plan. Usage is from 12am to 5am.

Glo night plan for 100 naira

This is where glo beats all other telecom operators and by far this is the best night plan if you ask me. This glo night plan for 100 naira gives you a whooping 1000+mb (1gb) that you can use for 5 nights!.

Imagine browsing, streaming and downloading for 5 nights for just 100 naira. When you opt in for this plan, you have access to the internet every night 12am to 5am until you exhaust the data or it expires (5 nights). Even if you exhaust the data before it expires you can always subscribe again.

Glo 200 weekend plan

For just 200 naira you get 1250mb+mb (1.25gb) from 12am to 11:59pm on sunday. This plan is good if have an urgent thing to do or file to download online or you just want to browse and enjoy your sunday.

Glo 500 weekend plan

If you want to relax and have a pleasant weekend after the week’s work and stress, then this plan is the best option for you. With just 500 you get to flex and enjoy 3000+mb (3gb) for 2 days, 11:59pm saturday to 11:59pm sunday.

You see why glo remains the “grand masters” when it comes to data? tell me which network beats the above night and weekend plans?

If you subscribed to any of the aforementioned glo night or weekend plan below is how to check glo night or weekend plan balance.

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How to check glo night data balance

There are two ways to check your glo night or weekend plan data balance. First you dial *777# > select 1 (buy data) > select 5 (check data balance) > Press send/ok. Your glo night or weekend plan balance will be displayed to you.

Or you simply dial *127*0# and press send/ok. This will display your glo night or weekend plan balance instantly.


That’s how to check glo night plan data balance, don’t forget to share this post to your friends using the share button and don’t stop using glo!

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