How to Check BVN on AIRTEL Line With Your Phone Using Code

How to check bvn number on airtel line

how to check bvn on airtel line

Have you being trying to check your bvn on your airtel line but don’t seem to know how to go about it? Well try no further you’re in the right place, you’re going to find out how to do that in this post.

Bank Verification Number popularly known as BVN is biometric system introduced by Central Bank to reduce identity theft, fraudulent transactions and other illegal banking transactions in Nigeria. Banks use it to register and identify their customers, every account holder on any bank must have a bvn which contains biometrics of their identity.

Initially people queue at banks to check their bvn but thanks to CBN and telecom service operators in Nigeria who made it easier for Nigerian to check their bvn. This means with your sim card and your phone you can check and know your bvn anytime anywhere.

This bvn is very important and every person must have their own bvn. It is necessary in filling some very important documents in the country and also needed when enrolling for your NIMC (National ID Card). So if you have not gotten your bvn, walk into a bank and enroll for your own bvn.

If you already have your own bvn and want to know how to check your bvn with your airtel line, see how to do that below, it’s very easy and straight forward.

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Code to check bvn on airtel

To check your bvn with your airtel line make sure you have up to 20 naira on your airtel sim and most importantly make sure the airtel sim you’re using to check it is the one you use to open that bank account.

If it’s not the one you use to open the bank account it won’t work. It must be the one you used to register that your bank account because that’s the sim associated with your bvn. So if you have all that ready you can then go ahead to check your bvn.

The ussd code to check your bvn on airtel line with your phone is *565*0#. Once you dial that code your bvn will be displayed to you, it’s an 11 digit number that contains your identity (fingerprints and picture).

Your bvn should be kept confidential and not to be shared with anyone. After getting your bvn, you can write it down somewhere and keep it away from people or you can just leave it and check it with your phone by dialing the code anytime you need it. Remember that charges still apply anytime you check it with your phone.

How to check your bvn on airtel if you have more than one bank account

Each person is allowed only one bvn no matter how many bank accounts you have, meaning that the bvn used in opening your first account will be used to open your other bank accounts. In this case you can’t check your bvn directly with your phone due to the multiple bank accounts associated with that your sim.

So all you have to do is to go to any of your bank, meet the customer care and ask them for your bvn, they will request for some information from you and then provide you with your bvn.


That’s how to check your bvn on airtel sim, with just your phone and the sim card you used to open the bank account you can check and see your bvn anytime anywhere irrespective of the type of phone you’re using you can always check your bvn with the ussd code in this post.

It’s much easier than going to the bank to get it anytime you’re in need of it, unless you have more than one bank account associated with the sim you can then go to the bank and get it. After getting it, write down and keep it private and safe in case of next time.

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