How to Change My Access Bank Phone Number (BVN Phone no.)

How to change my Access bank phone number

To every bank account is an attached phone number via which the linked bank can reach you. Your phone number is a way by which your bank can identify you. It is also the medium through which you can run private transactions like credit card purchase, data purchase, transfers, and other USSD code features. Before we move on to how you can change your Access Bank phone number, we will discuss why.

Why would you want to change it?

You’d want to change your linked phone number when you lose your SIM. If you don’t run through with the change on time, anyone could pick up your SIM, and then, run money-gulping transactions on your account. For example, to recharge on a SIM, the service provider will not ask for your PIN, with the belief that it’s you running the service.

When you work more with one SIM than you do with the other, you could change it. Most people would prefer that the phone number linked to their account is the more active one. This issue could also occur when one service provider offers a better network service than the other.

How to change your Access bank phone number

You’d have to visit any of the branches of Access bank that is close to you. Currently, due to the very important features linked to your phone number, there aren’t online features for changing it. Most times, all you’d need to do is fill one or two documents physically.

The following steps below summarize all you’d need to do;

  • Walk into any branch of Access bank that is within your jurisdiction
  • Request for the attention of any of the representatives in the section of the Customer services.
  • Table your request or complaints to whoever you meet.
  • Fill the form you are given, while ensuring that you state why you need to change the number linked to your account.

The other details that you might be asked to fill into the document include the following;

  • The name of your account (Surname, Middle name, and then, First Name)
  • Your account number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your old phone number
  • Your new phone number
  • Why you want to change the number
  • ID type (Either your International passport, driver’s license, or National ID.)
  • The number on the ID
  • The date and place the ID was issued.
  • Your area of residence
  • Your country of residence
  • Your local government area
  • Date of birth
  • Whether or not you have a dual citizenship
  • Your SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Details of your Next of Kin
  • Your Passport photograph.

Lastly, if there’s a queue, join and then, have the form submitted.


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How to change my BVN phone number online for Access bank

To change your BVN phone number for Access Bank is quite easy. However, there are no steps on how to change your BVN number online for Access Bank! You’d have to do the changes by walking into any of the bank branches close to you.

The reason for that is because the bank will need to see the face of who is requesting for a change of the BVN phone number before granting the request.

Why should you change your BVN phone number?

The digits of your Bank Verification number can easily be obtained by dialing a USSD code. Now, in cases where you don’t have the SIM for that particular number again, you’d not want to be stuck, trying to remember what the digits are. Then, you’d need to change your BVN phone number.

Here, the steps you’d need to take will be summarized briefly.

  • Walk into any of the branches of Access bank close to you
  • Table a request for a change of your BVN phone number
  • You will be requested to provide the digits of your BVN

If you cannot provide the above details, ensure that you go with some other means of identification. Your voter’s card or national passport could stand in perfectly as substitute. Whatever means of identification you choose to go with must be the same as whatever you used when creating the BVN number!

Once you can get yourself identified, your request for a change of phone number would be granted. Once the number is changed, dial *565*0# with the newly tallied phone number to verify.


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