How Much Ginger Should I Put in Smoothie? + Taste & Benefits

how much ginger in a smoothie

What does ginger taste like in smoothie?

Smoothies are drinks you get when you pulse your fruits and veggies in a food processor or blender. Asides the fruits and veggies, other ingredients like milk, cream, cheese, cocoa powder, turmeric, and ginger are often added to smoothies to either sharpen the flavor or increase the health benefits. However, people aren’t always too sure about the kind of taste ginger would add to their smoothie. What does ginger taste like in a smoothie?

Ginger has a hot peppery string to it. When you add it to your smoothie, you get a sharp peppery flavor colliding hard against your taste buds. If you are a fan of ginger, you shouldn’t miss out on the benefits of having it included in your smoothie! Asides the taste, ginger introduces a very rich aroma to your smoothie.

How much ginger should I put in my smoothie?

Even though ginger is one great ingredient you should never miss out on, you still need to regulate how much of ginger you put in your smoothie. Ginger is one ingredient that is totally free from calories, so, if you are watching your calories, this is one safe ingredient you can use. However, if you aren’t a lover of spicy and hot drinks, you really might want to reduce the quantity of ginger you add to your smoothie.

Now, there are different ways you can add ginger to your smoothie. These forms include the following;

  • Raw ginger
  • Cooked ginger
  • Shredded ginger
  • Pickled ginger
  • Fermented ginger, etc.

If you would be working with raw ginger, take note of this fact—a peeled ginger root spoils faster than an unpeeled ginger root. So, if you would be adding that to your smoothie, ensure that you add it in when the smoothie is for immediate consumption. Here’s how you can add ginger to your smoothie;

How do you cut ginger for smoothies?

  • Slice the ginger root into small chops. Then, add the peeled chops to your smoothie. Four to five slices should be good enough to get you the sharp and peppery ginger flavor.
  • Run the ginger across the face of your grater. Now, add the grated ginger to your smoothie.

Powdered ginger is another form of ginger that can be added to your smoothie. The only issue here is that you may not get so many benefits from this kind of ginger. Two to three shakes of powdered ginger is adequate for your smoothie.

You can also make ginger tea. Then, mix the tea with your smoothie after blending.

To be sure you are fine with the amount of ginger you are adding, add in bits first. After that, taste the smoothie to be sure that you are fine with the taste. If you feel you aren’t getting enough of the ginger flavor, do not hesitate to add more ginger to your smoothie.


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Ginger in smoothie benefits

What are the ginger in smoothie benefits? Unknown to several people, adding ginger to smoothies isn’t just for taste refining. There are several other benefits that apply to your health and here, we will be discussing a number of them.

  • Ginger has antioxidants and has the best anti-inflammatory effects

Free radicals in the body are usually affected by antioxidants. These free radicals work to destroy the organs and tissues of the body. So, when you add ginger to your food, you get to protect your organs. Ginger also helps to prevent the incidence of swelling in the body. That is why ginger can sometimes be used as an analgesic. Analgesics are known as pain relievers.

  • Ginger helps to protect the lining of your stomach

Ulcer is a condition that affects the lining of the stomach. When you do not eat adequately, the acid produced in the stomach begins to have a corrosive effect on the stomach lining. Adding ginger to your smoothie can help in alleviating this corrosive effect.

  • Ginger helps to control the mobility of the gut

The more mobile the gut is, the less food id retained. The ginger helps to balance the rate of gut movement in the positive inclines.

  • Muscle pain

Usually, people that suffer from pain in the joint and muscles are advised to include ginger in their foods and drinks. The reason for this is because ginger is a great analgesic. It relieves pain and can help to increase the flow of blood through a region of the body.

  • It helps to regulate the blood sugar levels

Diabetic patients are also advised to include a generous amount of ginger into their smoothies. The reason for this is because ginger helps to control the amount of sugar that is present in the blood. When blood sugar is effectively controlled, so many other issues in the body can be controlled too.

  • Ginger contains one important chemical constituent known as gingerol

Gingerol helps to control several issues like indigestion, nausea, flu, cold, etc. However, for pregnant women, it is advised that they consult their doctors before including ginger in their smoothies.
Ginger can help the body fight infections: Infections in the body are mostly caused by bacteria and viruses. However, these infections can be fought by some chemical constituents contained in ginger.

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