How to make Nigerian meat pie dough recipes

I’m going to show you How to make Nigerian meat pie dough recipes, soft ones that have moist feeling inside absolutely yummy

Nigerian meat pie dough recipes

Ingredients for Nigerian meat pie

  • 6 Cups of plain flour
  •  500g Butter
  •  4 Tbs of Sugar
  • 1 Tbs of baking powder
  •  1 Tbs of salt
  •  4 Eggs Milk


  •  750g minced meat
  •  1 large potato
  •  2 carrot sticks
  •  sunflower oil
  •  half bulb onion
  •  1 scotch bonnet
  •  seasoning (salt, pepper, knorr cubes)
  •  2Tbs of flour to thicken stock.


  • 1 Egg


  •  Rolling pin
  •  Baking tray
  •  Saucer
  •  Mixing bowl
  •  Knife
  •  Fork
  •  Table spoon
  •  Bakers brush.

This recipe makes 22 pies Pastry

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Method of making Nigerian meat pie

1.Add 6 cups of flour to a bowl and then you add 4 table spoons of sugar,  1 table spoon of baking powder and 1 table spoon of salt as well. Ensure you mix all you dry ingredients together so that everything is well spread.

2.Now add your 500g of butter (1 pack of butter) into the bowl, you can break the butter into small piece  before adding for easy mixing with the flour mixture.

3.With clean hands mix the butter with the dry ingredients(flour, sugar, baking powder, salt) in the bowl. Properly mix everything together until it turns to a breadcrumb like consistency.

4.Once you are done with the mixing. Break 3 or 4 eggs depending on the size of your flour mixture and whisk it till it’s smooth. After you’re done with that, create a hole in the middle of your flour mixture and pour your eggs into the hole, doing this allows you to be able mix the eggs with the flour mixture easily.

5.Most people add a little bit of water to the mixture after mixing the eggs but I like to add milk instead because it helps my nigerian meat pie dough to be more tasty and have a better texture, after adding the water or milk make sure to fold it properly with the batter.

6.Sprinkle some flour on a clean surface and gently knead your batter on it, be careful not to over work your batter because the batter is cold and if your keep using your hands all the butter is going to melt.

7.Once your done kneading the batter, put it inside a bowl , cover it with a cling film and place it inside a fridge for about 1 – 2 hours.

8.Next thing is to prepare the Nigerian meat pie filling, I normally use half onion bulb but you can use a full bulb if you like, I just don’t like too many onion in my meat pie. Cut the onion into tiny pieces, you can also add 1 scotch bonnet to it trust me it won’t be too spicy. Now cut your carrots in to sizable pieces not too small not too big, do the same for your potato and boil it lightly (not completely done, just slightly cooked).

9.Now pour a bit oil (vegetable, sunflower or whatever oil you like) to a large fry pan or wok. Once the oil is heated add your sliced onion to it after frying it for a little while add your scotch bonnet and stir them together.

10.Next thing is to add your 750g of minced meat to it you can also use 500g. Shred the minced meat apart and add you seasoning (maggi, pepper and salt), stir properly to ensure that everything is equally distributed in your filling.

11.When meat sauce has steamed, add your potato and carrot and make sure everything is properly stirred  in. If the meat sauce is watery you can add 2 full spoons of flour and stir immediately to avoid lumps, this will help to thicken the sauce.

12.After frying for some minutes take off the fry pan or wok from your burner and keep it at a side.

13.Now it’s time to make the actual Nigerian meat pie dough. Take of your dough from the fridge and as usual sprinkle some flour on a clean surface to ensure the dough doesn’t stick to the surface and is easier to work with.

14.Take a sharp knife and cut your dough into smaller chunks, you can cut it into 12, 10, 8 or any number you’re comfortable with and put them back in the bowl. Take out one of those chunks and use your rolling pin to roll it very well, ensure you roll it both sides until it becomes flat.

15.After you’re done rolling it use a saucer or a small bowl, place it on the dough that you rolled and cut out a circle, this will give you a perfect round shape and works fine.

16.Now get your filling(meat sauce), take a 1 table spoon of the filling and place in the center of the dough, fold it over and use your hand to slightly pin the edges, also use a fork to indent the edges as well.

Repeat this process for all the chunked dough in the bowl, this time you can roll out your dough in such a way you can get 2 pies from that particular dough and place them in a tray for baking.

17.Next thing is to glaze them. Break and whisk 1 egg thoroughly and use your baking brush and glaze the pies with the egg. Set your oven to a medium heat and bake for 45min – 1hr.

18.When the Nigerian meat pie dough is done baking it’s going to have light golden brown colour, fresh and so yummy and inside will be moist.

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