Health Benefits of Boiling Pineapple Peel + Ginger & Honey

Pineapple peel benefits

Usually people only eat the pulp of this fruit, but do you know that eating pineapple peel can provide a lot of incredible health benefits as well?

Health Benefits of Pineapple Peel
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Pineapples are delicious tropical fruit consumed around the world. This healthy fruit contains lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients like vitamin C, dietary fiber, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and bromelain enzyme as its main component which is very beneficial to your health and body.

The bromelain enzyme is also found in high concentration in pineapple peels and can provide you with lots of amazing health benefits.

In this post we’re going to see the health benefits of pineapple peel, how to prepare the pineapple tea and the health benefits of boiling pineapple peel.

Health benefits of pineapple peel

1. Dental health

Boiling and consuming pineapple can help to improve your dental health and keep them healthy. This is as a result of its inflammation properties that helps to fight bacteria in our mouth thereby leading to the health of our gums and teeth.
In addition manganese in pineapple peels are very essential in promoting the health of our gums and teeth. It helps to strengthen and repair them.

2. Improves digestion

Pineapples are very beneficial when it comes to digestion. It contains high levels of bromelain enzyme which is very helpful in the breakdown of protein foods as well as improve the processes of your digestive system.
Consuming this healthy fruit helps to relieve digestive and stomach problems like bloating, constipation etc.

3. Helps to reduce inflammation

Pineapple is packed with lots of bromelain enzyme and antioxidants that helps to combat inflammation. They also help our wounds to heal faster by removing damaged cells from our body and breaks down protein that trap fluids in the tissues after an injury.

4. Fights arthritis

Anti inflammatory property in pineapple called bromelain has the ability to fight and reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis (swelling in the joints) by reducing the swelling.

5. Alleviates cough and catarrh

Pineapples are very rich in anti inflammatory properties which can help fight cough and catarrh. By calming the inflammation in your airways and reducing the mucous in blocking your airways pineapples can allow you to breath!

To enjoy these benefits, below is a simple homemade recipe for pineapple peels.

Pineapple peel drink

Pineapple peel drink
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  •  1 pineapple
  • a glass of clean water
  • 1 lemon
  •   Honey


  1.  Wash the pineapple, cut off the crown and separate the pulp from the peel.
  2. Pour some water into the pot. Put the pineapple peel with some small pieces of pineapple pulp and allow it to boil.
  3. After boiling, allow it to simmer and cool.
  4. Once cooled, add a glass of water in it and squeeze in the juice of 1 lemon.
  5. Add the quantity of honey you want.
  6. Then filter the mixture, taking only the liquid part.

Your pineapple peel drink is ready to be served.


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Health benefits of boiling pineapple peel

1. Improve immune system

For a strong immune system you need enough vitamin C. With the high level of vitamin C in pineapple, this amazing fruit contributes to the boost and strength of your immune system.

A strong immune system is very vital to a healthy life. It protects you and fight against bacteria and foreign diseases attack.

Vitamin C is also beneficial to your heart health. Helps in the production of collagen on your blood vessels thus protecting you from cardiovascular diseases.

2. High blood pressure

People who experience high blood pressure should consume foods rich in potassium like pineapple.

This healthy fruit is very effective in reducing high blood pressure in people. The potassium content in it, removes excess sodium from your body system which is the main cause of high blood pressure.

Adding this fruit to your daily diet will go a long way in keeping your blood pressure in check. By regulating and stabilizing your heart rate and keep from the risk of having heart diseases and stroke.

3. Boost performance

By improving your sexual performance you can actually have a healthy sex life using pineapples!
This healthy fruit has proved to be an effective aphrodisiac for sexual performance. It contains lots of potassium that enables proper flow of blood through your arteries.

This is needed during sex especially for men, a proper flow of blood from the heart to the penis allows your penis to be turgid during sex and last longer.

Also bromelain in pineapple helps in increasing the sex hormone (testosterone) in men as well as increase sexual drive in both men and women.

4. Enhances fertility

Having problems with fertility or getting pregnant? Pineapples can be of help. Eat the core of pineapple up to 7 days after ovulation to increase your fertility and chances of pregnancy. It works by thickening your uterine lining.

5. Skin health

With high levels of amino acids and vitamin C in pineapple, this amazing fruit has the ability to give your skin that fresh, smooth and healthy glow.

Pineapples also contain manganese which helps in reducing aging by fighting off free radicals and removing your dead skin cells, giving you that bright and glowing skin.

In addition, vitamin C and anti inflammatory properties in pineapples are very effective in fighting acne. It will help your skin to heal and prevent breakouts.

Add this fruit to your diet or you can apply this fruit directly to your face to enjoy this benefit.

6. Better sleep and relaxation

Do you know that pineapples can make you feel more relaxed and eating them before sleep can help you sleep faster and better?

Pineapples contain magnesium which helps to regulate your blood pressure, nerve and muscle function making you feel more relaxed.

To have a sound sleep and fall asleep faster eat this fruit before you sleep.

7. Fights cancer

Regular consumption of this healthy fruit can help you reduce the risk of having cancer. With the bromelain enzyme present in pineapple, all the cancer cells in your body are fought off and destroyed.

Other benefits of pineapple peel tea

8. Body hydration

Pineapples have enough water content and eating them at all times can help keep you hydrated.

Also being hydrated can remove dull skin, wrinkles and keeps your skin ever glowing and fresh.

It can also soothe your feet and lips by removing cracks resulting from excess dryness.

And promote growth on your nails and keep them strong. To enjoy this benefit apply a fresh paste of pineapple on your nails, allow it for 10 minutes, wash it away and thoroughly moisturize your nails.

9. Eyesight performance

Regular intake of pineapple reduces the risk of macular degeneration of your eyesight. This amazing yellow fruit is loaded with vitamin A which is vital for good and strong eyesight.

10. Strong bones

Pineapples contain calcium and magnesium which are very vital for healthy bones. To enjoy this benefit, take a cup of pineapple juice a day for stronger bones and muscles.

11. Hair loss

Do you know you can stop hair loss using pineapples? Vitamin B1 and B6 helps you achieve this. While vitamin C is beneficial for hair growth.

12. Reduces internal worms

The digestive enzyme bromelain in pineapple is effective in destroying worms like tapeworms in the intestine. Add this fruit to your diet to enjoy this benefit.

13. Alleviates nausea

If you experience morning sickness that makes you want to vomit. Just drink some pineapple juice it can help solve this problem.

14. Prevents asthma

According to some studies, beta-carotene in pineapple is very helpful in the prevention of asthma.This beta-carotene also converts to vitamin A during digestion.

It’s very important you include this amazing fruit in your everyday diet, to enjoy this amazing health benefits of pineapple peel.


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