Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric & Cloves Drink for Fertility

Ginger Garlic Turmeric and Cloves Drink for Fertility

Ginger garlic turmeric and cloves for fertility

Ginger, garlic, turmeric, and cloves have been noted to boost the rate at which the ovaries release eggs (ovulation). It also helps to keep menstruation in check. So, ginger, garlic, turmeric and cloves for fertility are a good combo. With them, a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant increase. Asides it benefits for women, it also helps in improving the sexual stamina of men.

How do you use ginger, garlic, clove and turmeric?

We all know about the nutritional values of ginger, garlic, clove and turmeric. These spices have in one way or the other helped to improve the quality of our foods and drinks. However, how do you use ginger, garlic, clove and turmeric all at once? What are the health benefits? Are there things you should make sure you watch out for? We will look at every single one of these questions closely here and discover answers for them.

Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, and Cloves Drink Recipe

Ginger, garlic, clove and turmeric are all ingredients that can be used in the preparation of a powerful tea! All you need to first do is get all your ingredients ready! You’d need a liter of water alongside cloves, garlic, ginger and turmeric.

– Wash the herbs carefully in warm water to get rid of dirt particles sticking to their surfaces.

– Peel the outer surfaces of the herbs carefully with a sharp knife.

– Meanwhile, you can boil some water in a kettle and then, immerse some sticks of cinnamon in it. This act will get the important constituents in the cinnamon sticks to dissolve into the water.

– Strain the cinnamon sticks out one you notice that the color of the water has changed.

– Pour the clean water you got earlier into a bottle, and then, add all the other peeled herbs.

– Leave the water aside for about three days so that fermentation can occur. During this period, you could shake the bottle intermittently so that all the constituents can be in contact.

– After three days, you can then pour some of the water into a cup and then, drink. At this point, the drink is said to be loaded with tons of medical benefits.

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Health benefits of ginger garlic turmeric and cloves drink

Apart from the benefits of ginger, garlic, turmeric and cloves drink for fertility, below are other ways it can be beneficial to your health.

It helps in reducing the blood pressure

It is very important that the blood pressure is regulated at all times. That is why it is recommended that people drink the tea at morning and at night.

It helps in improving the levels of cholesterol in the body

Cholesterol, when in high levels could lead to heart diseases. This is because it usually would build up within the vessels of the heart, causing blockage intermittently. Some other times, there could be a narrowing of the vessels due to the build-up of cholesterol. Either way, the build-up could lead to a heart attack or even death. So, to solve issues, it is recommended that the drink is taken every morning and night. You could even add the tea to your drinks at home.

The mix improves detoxification

Detoxification can be defined as a process by which harmful substances and drugs are broken down in the body. Then, the waste products are consequently passed out of the body to improve the general functioning and health of the body. The process of detoxification is carried out by the liver. So, we can say that the tea aids the liver in carrying out its functions.

It helps to eradicate issues related to the teeth

There are several issues that could arise in the teeth of an individual. They include pain and several other issues. What this herbal mix does is to work as an analgesic, and then, combats with the areas where pain is felt. The major constituent that helps with this particular issue is the clove present.

It helps to reduce the sugar present in the blood

Blood sugar is another factor that must be regulated. High blood sugar, which is often regarded to as hyperglycemia has been noted to cause several issues, of which death is included. That is why it is very important for you to drink this tea, as it helps to keep things in check.

Treatment of chest congestions and issues related to cold

The ginger in the mix is very great for treating chest congestions and issues related to cold Ginger is a very powerful antioxidant that readily gets rid of the free radicals in the body. This mix could even work better than drugs in battling with colds and stubborn coughs.

It helps to get rid of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition that occurs at the joint. It affects several people in the world today. When the cartilages that surround the two bones of a joint begin to wear out over time due to friction, arthritis occurs. It is seen to affect several joints—knee joints, spine, hips, and even the hands. A cup of the herbal tea in the morning and night can go a long way in eradicating osteoarthritis.

For healthy skin

The turmeric present in the herbal mix can go a long way in keeping the skin free from acne and other fungal breakouts. Turmeric is filled with antioxidants that clear away the free radicals that make the skin look unhealthy.

Even with all of these health benefits, you have to ensure that you look out for the side effects that could occur as a result. This section is more important that the others! You don’t want to consume something that would do more good than bad!

Side effects of ginger garlic turmeric and cloves combo

– Ginger, garlic, turmeric and cloves combo has been noted to induce weakness in some people. So, if you are going to drink this for the first time, ensure that you aren’t going anywhere or handling machinery.

– The tea when taken close to women’s menstrual periods could cause very heavy flow at the end of the day.
The tea could cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

– It should not be taken by women who are pregnant as it could lead to miscarriages or other issues with the developing fetus.

– It could stir up allergic reactions in case you are allergic to any of the constituents of the tea. Some of the reactions include the following;

  • Hardship in breathing.
  • Swelling of the face, throat and other tissues in the face.
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • A sharp drop in blood pressure.
  • Vomiting
  • It could cause bloating. Some other people complain of passing out gases that have very offensive smells.
  • The drink is acidic, and can worsen conditions of stomach ulcer.

So, taking the drink on an empty stomach will only have corrosive effects on the membranous lining of the stomach.

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