How to Check First Bank Account Balance With Your Phone

Code to check first bank account balance

First bank ussd code to check balance

Do you know there’s a first bank ussd code to check your account balance? there’s no need stressing yourself over the long queue at the atm, with just your phone you can know your first bank account balance anytime anywhere. it’s the easiest transaction you can perform, keep reading this post to see the Code for checking first bank account balance, very simple and straight forward.

First bank Nigeria is one of the largest financial institutions in Nigeria with over 15 million customers in Nigeria. They’ve consistently built great relationships with their customers, provided one of the best financial services possible and remained committed in providing seamless banking transactions in a convenient, easy and secured manner using the first bank ussd service for quick banking.

This first bank quick banking is an offline mobile banking that gives you access and allows you to perform bank transactions right from your own comfort using just your mobile phone. It’s an offline banking because you don’t need any internet connection or data to perform these transactions.

No matter the type of phone you’re using you can perform this transaction, it doesn’t require internet connection or anything, just a simple code and you’re good to go. Location also is not restricted, even in the most remote part of the country as far there is network there you can access the first bank quick banking.

Most of the things you usually go to the bank or atm to do, can now be done by you effortlessly within seconds with your phone. Services and transactions like making transfer, checking account balance, mini statement, buying airtime, paying for bills etc are now very simplified and stress free with first bank quick banking.

Like I said a lot of banking transactions can be performed with the first bank quick banking but today we’re going to be specifically looking at the Code for checking first bank account balance because that’s what you’re looking for.
So without further ado let’s get right into it!

First bank mobile code to check account balance

Before you can be able to use the First bank ussd code to check balance and perform any other mobile banking transactions you need to activate your phone number for first bank quick banking.

Prior to now your phone number has already been linked to this quick banking the moment you opened your account with first bank, so all you need is to just dial a simple code to register and activate the first bank quick or mobile banking with the phone number you used to open your first bank account before you can start using and enjoying the quick banking experience with your phone.

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How to register for first bank quick/mobile banking

It’s very easy and straight forward, all you need is a phone and the phone number sim card you used to open your first bank account. You must use the phone number sim card you used to open your first bank account to dial the code, if you use another line it won’t work.

So if you have that sim card properly inserted in your phone then dial; *894*0#

Once you dial that a list of masked debit(atm) card linked to your account will be shown to you, that’s if you have more than one account on first bank.

Then select the debit(atm) card for the account you want to use for the mobile banking and press send.
You’ll be asked to enter the pin of that debit(atm) card, enter your 4 -digit pin and press send.

You’ll be asked to create a new pin; this is the pin you’ll be using to perform transactions with your mobile/quick banking. You can create a new pin different from your debit(atm) card pin (recommended) or you can use the same pin of your debit(atm) card. Once you have done that press send.

That’s it! you have successfully registered and activated the first bank quick banking with your phone number you can now enjoy amazing mobile banking experience with your phone from your comfort anywhere anytime. Having done all that you can now access the Code to check first bank account balance. Below is the First bank ussd code to check balance.

First bank short code to check balance

To check your first bank account balance dial;  *894*00#

Enter your 4-digit pin. ( This is the new pin your created when you were registering for the first back quick/mobile banking)

Once you enter your pin and press enter, your bank account balance will be displayed instantly to you.


That’s the First bank ussd code to check balance, you can use this code to know the remaining money left in your first bank account anytime anywhere. This will save you a lot of stress and time of going to the bank or atm just to know your account balance. If this post was helpful to you, share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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