Code to Transfer Money from First Bank to Any Bank With Phone

First bank transfer code

Code to transfer money from first bank

Do you have a first bank account and want to know the code to transfer money from first bank account using your phone? look no further because in this post you’re going to see the first bank ussd code to transfer money from first bank to first bank or to other banks.

First bank Nigeria is one of the largest financial institutions in Nigeria with over 15 million customers in Nigeria. They’ve consistently built great relationships with their customers, provided one of the best financial services possible and remained committed in providing seamless banking transactions in a convenient, easy and secured manner using the first bank ussd service for quick banking.

The first bank quick banking is a mobile banking and also an offline banking that allows you to perform bank transactions and utility services at your own comfort using just your phone. This basically means you can transfer money, check your account balance, buy airtime and even pay your bills just at your own comfort without moving an inch, tell me what could be better than this?

Just like I said it’s an offline banking, you do not need data or internet connection to do any of this bank transactions, so far you phone has network you’re good to go.

This first bank mobile banking is convenient, secured and saves you both time and the stress of standing at the long queue at the bank or atm to make transfer or check account balance and do you know the best part, it’s not rocket science it’s very easy to do, you don’t need to be a tech guru even a new born baby can transfer money from first bank lol.

All you need is just a phone, sim card and of course the ussd code for first bank transfer and you’re good to go, then these transactions and services will all be right at your door step. You can then transfer money to anybody, check your account balance, recharge your line or another person’s line and even pay your utility bills no matter the time or place you are using just your phone, it can’t get better than this.

So without wasting more time let’s get right into the first bank transfer code, it’s very simple and straight forward and takes no time at all.

First bank ussd code for transfer

Before you can be able to use the first bank ussd code to transfer money from your bank account you must register your phone number for the first bank quick banking. I’m talking about the phone number you used to open that your first bank account, you must activate it for the first bank quick or mobile banking in order to enjoy the services.

Note: You must use the sim card/phone number you used in opening that first bank account to activate the quick banking in your mobile phone and that is the sim you’re going to be using to dial the first bank ussd code, so make sure it’s properly inserted in your phone.


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First bank mobile banking registration

If the sim you used in opening your first bank account is in properly inserted in your phone then you can go ahead to activate it for the quick/mobile banking by dialing;


After dialing the above ussd code, you’ll be shown a list of masked debit(atm) card numbers linked to that your first bank account; that is if you have more than one first bank account that you registered with that your phone number.
In this case you have to select the debit(atm) card number for the account you want to be using for the quick/mobile banking in your phone.

Once you select the debit(atm) card number, enter the 4-digit security pin of that particular debit(atm) card; this is to ensure that you’re actually the one performing this operation.

After entering the pin, you’ll be asked to create a new pin for that account; this “new pin” will be only used for any quick banking transaction, this is to restrict access of any unauthorized persons that might want perform any fraudulent transaction with your phone.

So you have to create a new pin that you can easily remember but difficult for others, some people usually use the same 4-digit security pin of their debit(atm) card for their quick/mobile banking but I always recommend creating a 4-digit security pin that is different from the 4-digit security pin of your debit(atm) card, this will help it to be more secured and safe and of course the one you can remember.

After entering the new pin and pressing send, you’ll be notified immediately of you successfully registration and activation of the first bank quick banking. You can now go ahead to use the below first bank ussd code to transfer money from first bank, check first bank account balance, check first bank mini statement, buy airtime, pay bills and lots more.

So having done all that let’s dive into our main topic which is code to transfer money from first bank account to first bank or other banks, like I said it’s a very straight forward code, no stress.

Code for first bank transfer

The code to transfer money from your first bank account to another bank is;

*894*Amount*Account Number#

Example; if you want to transfer N20,000 to Chukwuemeka Adekunle and he’s using Union bank with account number 0023456789.

Note; Amount = N20,000, Account Number = 0023456789, Beneficiary/Receiver’s name = Chukwuemeka Adekunle, Bank = Union bank.

Then the first bank ussd code you should dial to transfer that money to him is;


Once you dial that code, a list of Nigerian banks will be displayed to you and you’ll be told to select
Beneficiary bank; in this case our beneficiary bank is Union bank which is the name of the bank of the receiver.

Next you’ll be told to confirm the amount and Beneficiary name , ensure the amount and name of the person you’re sending the money is correct else you press cancel, if they’re correct you confirm and press next.

Then lastly enter your 4-digit security pin; this is the new pin you created when registering/activating the first bank quick banking remember?, We’ve talked about it earlier in this post.

After doing all that you’ll receive a debit alert shortly to your phone and the person you sent the money to will receive a credit alert of the money you sent. You can send to another first bank or other banks in Nigeria, charges apply.

Note: Your daily transfer limit is N100,000 meaning you can’t transfer more than N100,000 in a day, once you get to that limit in a day you won’t be able to transfer again until the next day.


That’s the Code to transfer money from first bank to all banks, it’s very secure, convenient and saves you a lot of time and stress.

You can always perform any of the first bank mobile banking transaction anywhere you are irrespective of your location, no matter how remote your location is so far you have network on your phone even nokia touch, you can transfer money to someone, check your account balance, buy airtime and pay your bill by just using this ussd code for first bank .

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