Code for Sterling Bank Transfer 2023: *822# Made Easy

Sterling bank transfer code

code for sterling bank transfer

Using code for Sterling Bank transfer has become the talk of the town as it is easy, fast, and every efficient. You don’t need connection to the internet or the other data services that the bank’s application works with. All you mostly need is a phone with which you can connect to a reliable network server. Besides, this code works with any network—Mtn, Glo, or Airtel. So, you need not bother about their respective compatibilities. Another crucial thing that you need is a functional account in the bank.

However, before you can start with the quick transfers, you have to ensure that you have the transfer feature enabled for your account. Doing the activation would allow you the grace of doing several things like paying electricity bills, school fees, buying the essential amenities online, and so on. Most importantly, the whole hassle about the activation is one that will end in very few minutes.

To get the Sterling bank USSD code for transfer, you will need the following;

  • A phone number that is registered with a functional service provider.
  • A non-dormant Sterling Bank account number.

With those listed things, you can easily start the process! Follow the guidelines below to continue to activate your transfer code:

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How do I activate my sterling bank transfer code

  • Dial this code on your mobile phone—*822#. Ensure that this number is the one that Sterling bank recognizes as yours. Remember, during the process of opening a bank account, you were asked for a particular phone number. That is what you are meant to use.
  • You will see some on-screen prompts that would help you to finish the process. First, press the ‘1’ icon.
  • Input the details of the bank account that you want to connect to the transfer code. The digits usually would be about ten in number.
  • Provide the other information as regards your debit card.
  • You will also be required to give a four-digit pin that would help you to authorize how transfers are made with your account.
  • Confirm your PIN by retyping the digits you clicked on earlier.
  • Finish the procedure.

Now, you can start making as many transfers as possible!

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How to transfer money from sterling bank

Whether you are trying to transfer money from your Sterling Bank to another bank, or to a similar bank, the procedures remain pretty much the same. Below are the procedures on how to transfer money from Sterling Bank.

  • Dial *822#
  • Type in the figure ‘4’ to start with the transfer services within the Sterling Bank or ‘5’ if you wish to transfer to other banks.
  • Input the recipient’s account number.
  • Type in the amount of money that you want to send across.
  • Check to ensure that the name of the recipient’s account is indeed correct.
  • Input your transfer pin.
  • Transfer successful!

Sterling Bank USSD code for transfer

The Sterling Bank USSD code for transfer of money from one bank to another from a Sterling Bank base is *822#. This code covers all banks that aren’t the Sterling bank too, and that is one great thing. The moment you dial the code, you’d choose the name of the other bank, and then, confirm your pin. You could also make a swift transfer with this code by using this chain link—*822*4*amount that you want to transfer*recipient’s account number#. For instance if you want to transfer 10,000 naira to 0071234567 just dial; *822*4*10000*0071234567#.

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That’s how to transfer money from sterling bank to sterling bank and to other banks. it’s convenient fast, reliable and saves you a lot of time. If this post was helpful to you, return the love by sharing it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.