Can Tiger Nut Milk Be Boiled? + How to Boil Tiger Nut Milk

Can tiger nut milk be boiled

Can tiger nut milk be boiled?

Yes, tiger nut milk can be boiled. However, you should note that the milk loses certain qualities as the temperature increases. That is why most people would recommend that you do not boil the milk unless you want it in a thicker consistency—pap-like.

To boil tiger nut milk, follow the procedures listed below. First, you need about two cups of tiger nuts. The quantity of the tiger nuts you need mostly depends on the amount of tiger nut milk you want to make.

You also need coconut milk and some spices—salt and black pepper—to taste. Let’s get started on the steps you should follow;

  1. Start by rinsing your tiger nuts thoroughly under s stream of warm water. Ensure that you are very thorough as you wash the nuts. After washing, soak them in water that has previously been salted and then, set them aside for about twenty-four hours. Note that the water has to be changed intermittently—about three times within the twenty-four hour frame. The reason for this is to cancel out the effects of fermentation.
  1. After the twenty-four hour frame, set the large pan on medium heat and then, bring it to boil. Add some more salt and then, the rinsed tiger nuts. Allow the tiger nuts to cook for about an hour or more. This stage is to get the rinsed tiger nuts soft.
  1. Drain the water out of the tiger nuts and then, add some tablespoons of coconut milk to the nuts. With a fork, create a mesh of nuts and milk.
  1. With your salt and pepper shakers, spice up the milk to whatever extent you like it. Use your fork to create another mash and then, serve. If you aren’t ready to consume the milk right away, ensure that you store it in a fridge.


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How is tiger nut milk prepared?

Tiger nut milk is dairy-free milk with a lot of nutritional benefits. Check the following procedures to prepare tiger nut milk;

  1. Get your tiger nuts ready. Tiger nuts can be purchased from online stores or malls proximal to you. You’ll need about two cups of these nuts. Other ingredients include the following;
  • Water (It is recommended that you work with clean water, i.e., distilled water.
  • Salt—one-quarter teaspoon of sea salt.
  • Flavoring agents—pure vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, maple syrup, etc.
  • Water for pureeing
  1. For this step, you will need a Mason jar. Set your tiger nuts in the Mason jar and then, sprinkle some sea salt into the mixture.
  1. Add in some water into the jar and then, leave the nuts to soak for about one to two days. To prevent fermentation of the mixture, you can set the jar within a fridge. The longer the nuts are within the water, the softer they’d become. The softness is what makes it easy for the nuts to be made into milk.
  1. Separate the nuts from the water by running the mixture through a wide-pore sieve. After getting that done, use cool water to rinse the tiger nuts.
  1. Set the tiger nuts into a blending machine and then, add two cups of water. Note that an increase in the quantity of water added to the mixture leads to a decrease in the flavor of the nuts. It’s safer for you to start with little water and then, add more after the whole blending process than to add all at once.
  1. Add any of the flavoring agents of your choice to the mixture.
  1. Blend the mix of nuts and water for about three minutes. The result should be smooth and real creamy.
  1. Pour the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve in order to separate the milk from the nutty mesh.
  1. Set the nutty mesh into the blender again. Add water and the flavoring agents again. Then, blend for a couple minutes.
  1. Separate the new milk produced from the nutty mesh. Note that the one you get this time may not be as creamy as the one you got from the first blend. You can also blend the tiger nuts as many times as possible.
  1. Pour the milk into a glass jar and then, store it in a fridge. It lasts well up to a week this way. You can also use the nutty mesh for your smoothies or other foods that require some chewable.


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