Best GLO Tariff Plan for Data & Calls – Benefits & Code to Migrate

Best Glo tariff plan for data and calls

Best Glo tariff plan for data

Glo BEREKETE++ is a tariff plan that gives enormous voice and data benefits. Every recharge on Berekete++ gives data bonuses for you to use and surf the internet. Glo Berekete++ offers up to a 100% Bonus on Data Plans that you purchase within 4 months. Having twice for the price of one makes the best Glo tariff plan for data.

A Welcome Bonus of N1,000 is given to new customers on the plan valid for 7 days. Bonus can be used to browse or to make calls to any network. Out of which N200 can be used to browse at a data rate of N1/MB. Making it 200MB of welcome bonus data.

The remaining N800 out of the N1,000 is for calls at a voice rate of 75 Kobo/Sec to all networks. This bonus is only for those with a new Glo SIM that have just registered and activated it by recharging and making a call. It is a one-time bonus, so you cannot get it twice. Your subsequent top-ups will only grant you other bonuses available to Berekete++.

Every recharge you make, beginning from N100, gives you a 700% worth of voice and data Bonus. So when you recharge your line, you get 400% of the amount as a voice bonus and another 300% as a data bonus for browsing. Voice bonus can be used for ALL-NET calls to all networks.

How big your bonus is depends on how much you recharge, from N100 up to N,5000. Any recharge above N5,000 will only get the N5,000 bonus. Say you recharge N6,000, your bonus will be 400% of N5,000 voice bonus and 300% of N5,000 as data bonus. So you will be getting 700% of N5,000 and a bonus in total instead of 700% of N6,000.

  • Recharge value – N100
  • Voice bonus – N400
  • Data bonus – N300
  • Recharge Data bonus (Data + Night Data) – 40 MB + 20 MB
  • Recharge value – N200
  • Voice bonus – N800
  • Data bonus – N600
  • Recharge Data bonus (Data + Night Data) – 80 MB + 40 MB
  • Recharge value – N500
  • Voice bonus – N2,000
  • Data bonus – N1,500
  • Recharge Data bonus (Data + Night Data) – 200 MB + 100 MB
  • Recharge value – N1,000
  • Voice bonus – N4,000
  • Data bonus – N3,000
  • Recharge Data bonus (Data + Night Data) – 400 MB + 200 MB
  • Recharge value – N5,000
  • Voice bonus – N20,000
  • Data bonus – N15,000
  • Recharge Data bonus (Data + Night Data) – 2 GB + 100 MB

Also, get a Special Extra Data Bonus every month on your first monthly recharge, beginning from N100, for 6 months. This starts counting from when you activate your Glo SIM.

  • Recharge value – N100
  • 1st Recharge Data bonus – 70mb + 30mb night
  • Recharge value – N200
  • 1st Recharge Data bonus – 150mb + 70mb night
  • Recharge value – N500
  • 1st Recharge Data bonus – 375mb + 175mb night
  • Recharge value – N1,000
  • 1st Recharge Data bonus – 750mb + 350mb night
  • Recharge value – N5,000
  • 1st Recharge Data bonus – 3.75GB + 1.75GB night

To enjoy all the above benefits of the best glo tariff plan for data, you will have to be on Glo Berekete++ tariff plan. All new Glo customers are automatically on the Glo Berekete++ plan by default when you buy a SIM. For existing customers, you have to migrate to Berekete++ if you are not already on the plan.

Dial #100# to check your tariff profile and confirm if you are on the Glo Berekete++ or not. Migrate to Glo Berekete++ by dialing *777#. Reply 4 on the USSD menu for Berekete++.

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Best glo tariff plan for calls

Glo 11k Tariff plan is the best Glo tariff plan for calls. It is a new plan from Glo that gives access to calls at a rate of 11 kobo per second as the name implies.

The tariff plan focuses primarily on calls with little to no bonus on data aside from the standard Flexi Data browsing from your airtime balance at a data rate of N1/MB. So if you are using a non-browsing phone, Glo 11k is the best tariff plan you will be needing. You will get to spend all your value on call instead of getting a data Bonus that you won’t be able to use.

After daily access of N7, you can make calls at 11k/sec to any network for the rest of the day. You do not have to pay this daily access fee every day. The N7 daily access fee is only charged on the first outgoing call of the day. So If you do not make any calls for the day, no fee will be charged.

To enjoy the amazing call benefits of Glo 11k, migrate to Glo 11k by dialing *311#. You will get a welcome prompt immediately.

Glo 11k is not so unique for international calls, however. International calls will be charged at the standard international call rate. SMS at N4/SMS locally and N35/SMS internationally.

Glo cheapest call rate

Glo Gbam Plus (11k/s tariff Plan) has the cheapest call rate on the Glo network at 11k/s and a daily rental fee of N5. On Glo Gbam Plus, ON-NET calls, that is Glo to Glo calls, are charged at 12k/sec. While OFF-NET calls, i.e calls from Glo to other networks, are charged at 15k/sec.

Local calls are not the only reason why Glo Gbam Plus has the cheapest Glo call rate, international calls are not left out. The 15k/sec rate applies also to calls to about 30 international destinations. So you get to make calls to any network within and outside Nigeria at a rate of 15k/sec.

Local SMS are charged at a rate of N4 per SMS, while international SMS attracts a cost of N35 per SMS.

To migrate to enjoy Glo Gbam opt-in by dialing the USSD code *211#. To opt-out of Glo Gbam, dial *212#

Cheapest glo tariff plan

Giving 22 times of recharge value, the Glo 22X is the cheapest Glo tariff plan. This plan is for prepaid users and offers both voice and data bonuses in large amounts for a very small cost.

Recharge on Glo 22X gives you 2,200% (22 times) of the recharge value inclusive of up to 5GB of free data, depending on the amount you recharge.

Below is a breakdown of bonuses for each recharge value.

  • Recharge value – N100
  • 22X Voice bonus – N350
  • 22X Data bonus – N1,750
  • Recharge Data bonus – 40MB
  • Recharge value – N200
  • 22X Voice bonus – N700
  • 22X Data bonus – N3,500
  • Recharge Data bonus – 80MB
  • Recharge value – N500
  • 22X Voice bonus – N1,750
  • 22X Data bonus – N8,750
  • Recharge Data bonus – 200MB
  • Recharge value – N1,000
  • 22X Voice bonus – N3,500
  • 22X Data bonus – N17,500
  • Recharge Data bonus – 400MB
  • Recharge value – N5,000
  • 22X Voice bonus – N17,500
  • 22X Data bonus – N87,500
  • Recharge Data bonus – 2GB

Calls on 22X charged from both main balance and bonus balance at the same rate. A rate of 60k/sec is charged when calling other Glo numbers, and 75k/sec when calling other networks. SMS charge varies across main balance and bonus balance. From main account, SMS is sent at the standard N4/SMS, while N14/SMS is charged for SMS from the bonus account.

There is No international calls on the plan. So if you are someone that calls someone outside the country often, you should opt for another plan.

Additionally, you also get 40% worth of data bonus on your first recharge value for the month. So if your first recharge of the month is N100, you will get an additional 40MB data bonus. This replaces the recharge data bonus, which you will continue to receive in subsequent recharges after your first recharge of the month.

  • Recharge value – N100
  • 1st recharge of the month data bonus – 40MB
  • Recharge value – N200
  • 1st recharge of the month data bonus – 200MB
  • Recharge value – N500
  • 1st recharge of the month data bonus – 500MB
  • Recharge value – N1,000
  • 1st recharge of the month data bonus – 1GB
  • Recharge value – N5,000
  • 1st recharge of the month data bonus – 5GB

All Bonuses received are valid for a period of 7 days.

There is no code to migrate to Glo 22X. Once you have not used your Glo line for 30 consecutive days, your first recharge after that automatically places you on the Glo 22X bonus. This lasts for a period of 3 months counting from your first recharge.

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