Benefits of Eating Soaked Almonds on Empty Stomach – How many to eat?

Soaked almonds benefits

Benefits of eating soaked almonds on empty stomach

Is it good to eat soaked almonds on empty stomach?

The major benefit of eating anything on an empty stomach is that the food item becomes the first thing your stomach processes. It also comes out as being the first thing your body absorbs into the blood stream, leading to a higher efficiency of the food item within the body. So, now, is it good to eat soaked almonds on empty stomach? Yes! Almonds have tons of nutrients and minerals in it, and you surely want your body absorbing all of them for a more effective body system. Most almonds are sweet, but then, the bitter ones also exist, and are majorly used for making oils. A few of the benefits of eating soaked almonds on an empty stomach include the following;

  • Weight loss

Soaked almond seeds could be used to make varieties of things and one of those things include almond milk. The milk in particular helps to reduce weight, and that is because it is unsweetened milk. Another thing you need to take note of is the fact that the seeds contain unsaturated fat which will no doubt make you full after eating them. The fibers they contain also contribute to you feeling full, so, consequently, you wouldn’t have to eat more food.

  • Brain function

When you eat almond seeds on an empty stomach, you provide the nutrients present in them the opportunity to be absorbed into the blood very quickly. Most of the nutrients like riboflavin have been observed to enhance the activity of the brain.

  • Blood sugar regulation

Breakfast is one food that contributes to the level of the sugar in your blood. That is why it is advised to feed on almond seeds in the morning, since they contain a healthy quantity of fats and fibers. This proportion of dietary elements makes the seeds very good for diabetic patients.

To make soaked almonds, get the seeds, and then, soak them overnight in water. You could consequently crush them or utilize them when cooking your meals.

What is the best time to eat soaked almonds?

To get the maximum nutritional benefit from anything, it is advised that you consume them in the morning. Now, speaking of the topic here, what is the best time to eat soaked almonds? Morning! Adding the soaked seeds to your morning food will go a long way in ensuring that your blood sugar is regulated, and that the rate at which metabolic activities occur in your body increases.

You could also consume the soaked almond seeds late at night. After having a long day at work, you probably could be tired to quickly whip something up for yourself. And really, eating heavy foods just before you sleep is bad, since it only causes your blood sugar to rise to wanton levels. So, simply chew on a couple soaked almonds.

If you see a situation like this ever coming up, it is advised that you pre soak the seeds before you’d need them. Then, you could store them in a jug, and then, cover the mouth with a moist towel. This way, you wouldn’t have to wait for hours at night just to get your seeds soft enough for consumption. Better still, you could also have the soaked almonds blended, and added to a jar of milk that is low in dietary fat.

How many soaked almonds should I eat a day?

Almonds could be so sweet that you’d end up running count of the number you have eaten. Is that right? How many soaked almonds should you eat a day? A number of six to eight almond seeds are good for a day. Now, this number could differ in different people, based on health requirements, and other conditions. That’s why you need to know the nutritional value of almond seeds. At least, that way, you would be able to tell what it is you need and how often you should have the almonds to strike your daily nutritional need.

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Almond nutrients and vitamins

  • Soaked almond seeds will fetch you a calorie level of 164 ounces. Adults usually need about 1800 to 3000 calories daily. So, if you do the math, you’d know the exact amount of almond seeds you need to consume!


  • The amount of Carbohydrates present in grams is 6.1, and if we were to add the levels of sugar present, we’d get an additional mass of 1.2grams. The daily requirement of this nutrient for adults is about 130grams. Again, do the math!


  • The amount of fats present is about 14.2grams, and you should note that about 12.4g of that fat is unsaturated. It is very important to know if your body is tolerable to either saturated or unsaturated fat before consuming a lot of it. Usually, fats contribute to the number of calories that is present in the body. For adults, a daily requirement of 20% to 35% is just enough.


  • One almond seed has a fiber content of 3.5g. Daily, you’d need a mass of 25.2g to 30.8g.


  • An almond seed has a protein content of 6g. Daily, you‘d need a mass of 46 to 56g of proteins.


  • For calcium, an almond seed contains about 76mg of it. The calcium you consume daily should run into 1000 to 2000mg, and it all depends on what stage of growth you are in. Adolescents might want to consume more almond seeds for the calcium levels.


  • Magnesium levels are about 76.5mg, and daily, you’d need about 310g to 420mg of it.


  • For Phosphorus, you have about 208mg and the daily requirement borders at a value of 4700mg.


  • Almond seeds do not have cholesterol! This makes the seed much healthier to consume!


  • Folic acid is present in minute values—12.5mcg, and you’d need about 300 to 400mcg in your daily diet.


  • The vitamin content of a seed is about 7.27mg, and daily, you’d need about 15mg of the vitamins present. There’s Vitamin D, E, and F present in the seeds though. So, adding almond seeds to a diet that is deficient in any of the vitamins listed above could be a very great idea!

Benefits of eating soaked almonds on empty stomach

Almonds are so good, and rich in nutritional value. But then, for you who are totally new to the whole talk about almonds, we will be discussing the benefits of eating soaked almonds on empty stomach.

  • Reduces cholesterol

Almonds are rich in fat, but then, this fat is the unsaturated one, which is very healthy for you. Unsaturated fats usually go a long way to fight issues related to cholesterol, as it lowers the levels by a large extent.

  • Protects heart

Almonds also contain Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps to prevent the oxidation process that works to block the lumen of the arteries. So, if you want to ensure that the health of your heart is protected, try almonds today!

  • Lowers risk of cancer

Almonds have been studied to reduce the risk of the occurrence of cancer among people.

  • Prevent damage by free radicals

Almonds help to enhance the levels of lipid and fat present in the blood. They have also been studied to be rich in antioxidants which contribute to a reduced blood pressure and flow. This advantage is believed to be as a result of the Vitamin E, and the fibers they contain. This Vitamin as well as other antioxidants go a long way to help prevent the damage caused to the internal tissues by free radicals.

  • Regulates blood sugar

Almonds also help to reduce the level of blood sugar, as they contain a healthy composition of Magnesium. Magnesium has been studied to help fight with issues relating to sugar levels.

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