Benefits of Bitter Kola in Woman – What it Does to Your Body

Benefits of bitter kola in woman

Bitter Kola has a lot of benefits, but then, in this piece, the benefits of bitter kola in woman will be discussed. Bitter Kola is a nut that has a characteristic bitter taste. Because of that, most people would shy away from chewing on them. That is why the limelight has to be shed on the roles that the little nuts play in the body of a woman.

Benefits of bitter kola to woman

  • It makes women more fertile, and consequently, increases their chances of being pregnant.
  • It boosts the frontier of the immune system in order to prevent the attack from toxins, microbes, and other infectious agents. To achieve this, the bitter kola works to help the body cells become more responsive to the agents of infection that stream in from outside.
  • Bitter Kola has the chemical constituent that helps to fight malaria toxins in the blood.
  • It contains a constituent known as the garcinia kola that helps to fight against glaucoma.
  • It helps to suppress hunger, and in the process, helps one to lose a lot of weight.
  • It also spurs individuals to drink more water, and that way, they are able to get rid of any weight that is in excess in the body.
  • Bitter kola helps in keeping the sugar level of the blood in check, in order to prevent issues such as diabetes type-2. It can also deal with very high blood sugar levels, as well as deal with the other issues that stem from diabetes.
  • It helps to solve issues that are tied to food poisoning especially when the bark of the tree from which the nut is gotten is used. To get the maximum effects though, it is good for you to chew the nuts immediately after eating the contaminated food products.
  • Bitter Kola helps to deal with nausea, and other irritated feelings that pregnant women go through. This way, they are able to enjoy their pregnancy even more. Also, bitter kola helps the uterus of a pregnant woman to get even healthier, as the circulation of blood is improved between the woman and the foetus.
  • It helps to combat issues related to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition that involves the weakening of the joints, and that usually causes a feeling of stiffness and pain to those affected. So, the kola nuts were noticed to have made those affected move about more easily, with a significant reduction in the pain they feel.
  • It helps the lungs to function at their best, as it contains a chemical constituent that helps in the process of detoxification and cleansing of the body. It also helps to provide strength to the tissues of the lungs.
  • Bitter kola has been traditionally used to combat various infections. It is believed to possess antimicrobial properties that may help fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi, supporting overall health in women.
  • Bitter kola may help regulate the menstrual cycle in women. It is believed to alleviate irregular periods and associated symptoms like abdominal pain and cramps.

All of the benefits of bitter kola to a woman listed above and more are the benefits that bitter kola nuts play in the body. And these benefits are as a result of the following phytochemicals that they contain;

Saponin, etc.

Apart from the benefits of bitter to a woman, below are some of other general benefits you can also get by consuming bitter kola.

Other health benefits of bitter kola

1. Improves fertility

Bitter kola is believed to make a man last longer in bed. if your husband suffers from low libido and weak performance in bed, he should try eating bitter kola few minutes before intercourse to last longer in bed.

2. Boost immune system

Consumption of bitter can also help to boost and improve your immune system, It is able to do this due to antioxidant properties present in it. These antioxidants help to fight bacteria and disease that might attack the immune system.

3. Fights glaucoma

Bitter kola helps to reduce the pressure in the eye which is caused by glaucoma. Glaucoma leads to gradual loss of eye sight and can result to eye blindness if not treated. Consuming bitter kola could help reduce the risk.

4. It relieves cough

Bitter kola helps to relieve cough by clearing the mucus in the throat. Clearing of this mucus produced along the line of your vocal tube can also make you have a clear and smooth voice.

5. Fights constipation

Bitter kola can help remove gas from your system thereby relieving you of constipation.


It is important to note that while bitter kola may offer the above potential benefits, scientific research is still limited, and its effectiveness may vary from person to person. It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using bitter kola or any other herbal remedy for any specific health concern you may be facing.

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