Access Bank Reversal Code 2023 + Reversal Form

Are you an access bank customer who made a transaction and later realized it was a mistake? Now you want to know the access bank reversal code and access bank reversal form to reverse such payment? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we are going to guide through the process of reversing transactions you made with your Access Bank account. The steps are very clear and easy to follow.

Access bank reversal code

There’s no provision for an Access bank reversal code, however if you mistakenly send money to the wrong recipient, Access bank has provided simple and effective solutions for reversing all your transactions that went wrong. Don’t worry it’s simple, swift and secured. Let’s take a look at them below.

How to reverse transaction on Access bank

  1. Contact access bank customer care

Once notice the mistake in the transaction you made, contact Access Bank’s customer support immediately. The faster you reach out to them, the higher the chances of getting that your transaction reversed.

  1. Provide them with the necessary details

When explaining what happened to the Access bank customer care, be concise and make them understand how important this transaction is to you and the need for it to be reversed. Also ensure you provide them with the necessary details and information about the transaction you want them to reverse.

These details include;

  • Transaction date.
  • The Amount you mistakenly sent.
  • Account numbers of your account and that of the person you mistakenly sent the money to.

Make sure this information is clear and accurate. It will help the Access bank support team to investigate and resolve the issue promptly.

  1. Track the reversal process

As soon as Access bank starts the reversal process of that your transaction. It’s very important that you keep track and in touch with the whole process and make sure it’s duly addressed and rectified. Write down the reference ID of your complaint to enable you follow it up and for future reference.

  1. Wait

Sometimes, the reversal process of your transaction might take a few hours to complete. In such case it’s important for you to be patient and allow the Access bank support team enough time to investigate and resolve the issue. Keep in touch with them to know how long the reversal process will be completed.

  1. Confirm the reversal

Once you get the notification that the transaction has been reversed, check your account balance to see if the transaction has been reversed and the correct amount has been added back to your account.


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Access bank reversal form

The Access Bank Reversal form is a document provided by Access bank that allows customers to request the reversal of a wrong transaction they made. If there’s a mistake in a transaction you made with your access bank account, you can begin the reversal process by filling and submitting the access bank reversal form.

How to access Access bank reversal form

To access the Access Bank Reversal Form, follow these simple steps below;

  1. Visit the Access Bank reversal form page website via this link –
  2. Download the form; fill it by providing all the necessary details needed in the form.
  3. Visit any access bank branch proximal to you and submit the form at the customer service desk or you contact their customer care helpline for further assistance.


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