Is your partner cheating on you? – 13 sure ways to find out

Is your partner cheating on you? In this post I’m going to share with you 13 Clear Signs that Show your Partner is Cheating on You

Below are 13 Clear Signs that Show your Partner is Cheating on You

Is your partner cheating on you? - 13 sure ways to find out

  1. Cheating Partner Guards Their Phone Or Computer And Does Not Allow You To Touch It

I know everyone has a right to their own space and privacy, I’m not saying you should over step your boundaries but when you start noticing your partner over guards their phone/ computer or gets mad at you when you try to touch their phone, this might be a sign. When your partner starts hiding or deleting certain texts from their phone with the excuse of not wanting to bother or stress you out with those texts or they put a password on their phone/computer, look out! Your partner might be cheating.

  1. Cheating Partner Changes Their Tone Of Voice When Talking On Phone

A recent study shows that people change their tone of voice when speaking to a romantic partner, normally if it’s a male partner you might notice a sudden rise in his pitch when he is speaking on phone, while for female folks you will notice a fall in their pitch.

  1. Cheating Partner Insists On Doing Things Alone

You and your partner used run errands together, ride together to the store to get something but now your partner all of a sudden decides to do most of those things alone, they might start given the usual excuse of not trying to bother or stress you out or maybe you’re not interested in going to the store. If this pattern continues, something might be up.

  1. When Your Partner Starts Paying More Attention To Their Physical Appearance

When your partner starts buying new cloths or starts going to the gym, this could be that your partner just want to look and feel better or it could be that they want to impress someone else especially when they stop giving you their usual compliments, even if your partner is focusing on looking good and better without sharing these goals with you, look out something might be wrong somewhere.

  1. When Your Partner Starts Comparing You With Someone Else

If your partner is always comparing you with someone else or is always pointing out to you why the other people’s relationship is working and not yours. Whenever your partner starts doing this they might be trying to justify their cheating behavior and the try to blame you for the failed relationship, look out for this.

  1. When Your Partner Starts Suspecting Your Every Move

You dress up to go out, your partner starts wondering and starts asking who you are going to see, someone calls you on phone, your partner starts asking who it was, you smile at someone your partner sees it as flirting, every single move you make your partner starts asking suspicious question or starts to suspect you. This normally happens when your partner starts cheating and they think you are doing the same.

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  1. When You Start Having A Gut Feeling

We humans have this intuition most times our subconscious mind knows something before our conscious mind does. If you start having this feelings about your partner cheating, you can talk to your partner about it, if truly your partner is cheating they will never be honest with you about it, in this case you have to figure out on your own to know what is really happening.

  1. When Your Partner Starts Avoiding Sex With You

When your partner does not care about having sex with you, something could be up. They might start giving excuses of not being in the mood or they don’t care whether you two are still having sex or not that’s a red flag, because if your partner is not getting sex from you, they might be getting it from someone else.

  1. When They Are Not Pissed Of Anymore

When your partner is fed up or is cheating on you they stop arguing with you about the things that usually piss them off. The things that used to piss them off don’t piss them off anymore because you are not their option anymore, they are always like “whatever” “doesn’t matter” your partner is probably leaving you for someone else.

  1. When Your Partner Starts Staying Out Late

When your partner is no longer predictable and they stay out longer than they should without giving a viable explanation or starts giving excuses of extra work or meetings etc , sometimes they might be really stressed with work or they might spending those extra hours with someone else, this might be an indicator of your partner cheating.

  1. When They Are Always Chatting With Their Phone

If you notice that your partner has being spending most time with their phone chatting on facebook, instagram or whatsapp without getting verbal with the person they chatting with and anytime you try to see who they are chatting with the smile and tilt their phone away, and texting more often than usual watch out for this something might be off.

  1. When Your Partner Always Accuses You Of Cheating

Your partner is always coming at you on a regular basis accusing you of cheating. This behavior arises especially when your partner is guilty of cheating on you, they try to accuse you of the same thing in order to justify and feel good about their actions, that’s clearly a sign you should look out for.

  1. When Your Partner Stops Hanging Out With Old Friends

Your partner’s old friends have being there since they start of your relationship, they know you and probably defend and support you. When your partner suddenly stops hanging out with them so they could cheat on you and get away with it because they know their old friends would find out and tell you about it, that’s a red flag.


Sometimes your partner could be showing these signs and still not be cheating on you and also they might not show any of these signs but are cheating on you unless they admit it to you or you catch them in the act, but these signs clearly indicate that something is wrong in your relationship, no matter what happens just stay calm there isn’t anything you can’t handle.

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