Code to Transfer/Share Airtime on Airtel to Airtel Line in 2023

How to transfer credit from airtel to airtel

How to Transfer Airtime on AIRTEL to AIRTEL Line

Do you have an airtel line and want to know how you can transfer airtime from your airtel to another airtel line? well relax because you’re in the right place.

Airtel is the second leading telecom network in Nigeria by subscribers with over 50 million subscribers and is present in all local government areas, villages and major towns in Nigeria. This telecommunications company offer 2G, 3G and fast 4G wireless services, making their users have the best experiences on the internet.

Ever since banks started this VTU Topup business, people don’t normally do transfers again, they rather recharge your account from their bank account but what if you’ve run out of cash in your account or don’t want to touch the money there, would that stop you from recharging someone else’s account?

Of course not, that is why you need to know how to transfer airtime from your airtel to another airtel or how to transfer money from airtel to airtel. it’s a lot easier than going to buy from vendors and sending the airtime digits via text.

With Airtel Me2U you can send or share airtime from your account to another persons account using airtel. This is almost the same with recharging directly from bank, it’s just that this time, the money won’t be deducted from your bank but from your airtime account balance.

So in this post you’re going to see how you can transfer or share airtime from your airtel line to another person using the airtel transfer code. The person could be your friend or a member of your family but they must be using airtel sim.

How to send airtime from airtel to airtel

Before you can be able to transfer airtime from your airtel to another airtel you need to have an airtel transfer pin. This is a four digit pin that will enable you to transfer airtime from your sim to another sim.

But before now you’ve already being assigned a default transfer pin which is 1234, if it’s your first time of transferring airtime this is the default pin that would be given to you to transfer airtel airtime.

For security reasons you’re required to change this default pin to your own personal pin you can easily remember to avoid unauthorized persons from using that default pin to make transfer with your airtel line to their own airtel line.

So to change that default airtel transfer pin to your own personal pin just follow this easy step below;

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How to change transfer pin on airtel

Like I said earlier, your default transfer pin is 1234 and to change this  airtel pin to your own personal and more secured pin.

  • Go to your message > create new message > and write a new message using this format;
  • PIN – Default Pin – New Pin and send to 432
  • Example: If the New Pin you’re changing to 5968 (remember it must be four digits)
  • Then your message should go like this; PIN 1234 5968 and send it to 432.

Another easy way of changing your airtel transfer pin is by dialing;

  • *432# > Select option 4 (PIN Management) > Select 1 (Change of PIN) > Enter Current Pin (Old or default pin) > Enter New Pin > Press Ok/Send.

Shortly after sending this, you’ll receive a message confirming your change of transfer pin.

Now that you’ve successfully changed your transfer pin, you can then go ahead spread some love with your airtime. Below is how to do that, very easy and fast. ( See how to change transfer pin on MTN and GLO)

How to transfer airtime on airtel to airtel

How to transfer credit from airtel to airtel

There are two ways to share airtime on airtel and both ways are super easy and straightforward. You can transfer airtel airtime;

Through text message
2U[space]Recipient’s Phone Number[space]Airtime Amount[space]Transfer Pin > send to > 432

Example: If the Recipient’s Phone Number ( the person you want to transfer your airtime to ) is 08012345678, the Airtime Amount is N200 and Transfer Pin is 5968.

Then your message will be; 2U 08012345678 200 5968 after writing that, send it to 432.

Airtel transfer code

Dial *432# > Select 1 (Airtel to Airtel) > Enter Recipient’s Airtel Number > Enter Airtime Amount > Enter Transfer Pin > Press Send/Ok.

That’s the airtel transfer code for sending airtime from your airtel line to another airtel line. Be careful and sure your inputs are all correct before sending because it cannot be reversed when sent. Once you send it, you’ll receive a message notifying you of a successful transaction.

Note: You’ll be charged N10 for each transfer transaction you make and you can’t transfer more than N5000 in a day.

In situations where you need airtime from someone but you’ve completely run out of airtime to reach to them. You can send them a “credit me service” this is a short message that you send in request of airtime from someone.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “call me back service” but in this case it is “credit me service” where you request airtime from another airtel user.

If you want them to transfer airtime from their airtel to your own airtel line dial; *141*8*Recipient’s Phone Number# the number you will input is the number of the person you’re requesting airtime from. This message is completely free of charge.

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That’s how to transfer airtime from airtel to airtel line, it is much more convenient to transfer airtime from your phone ( if you have enough) to another person than buying from stores and sending as a text message. If this post was helpful to you, don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post, it cost nothing to share!

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