Best MTN Tariff Plan for Data and Calls 2023 – Code to Migrate

Best mtn data tariff plan

best mtn tariff plan for data

Are you looking for the best mtn tariff plan for data? you want the tariff plan that will give you more bonus and value of any data you purchase? look no further because in this post you’re going to see the best mtn tariff plan for both data and even calls.

Mtn Nigeria is the leading telecom operator in Nigeria, they have maintained the number 1 spot for many years having over 60 million subscribers in Nigeria alone.

Over the years Mtn Nigeria has served and always find ways to satisfy their customers’ needs by providing them with services and tariff plans which will give them the best experience on calls and data.

Not to talk of their high bandwidth network service which is second to none, in spite of this their data plans have not really being appealing to their customers.

What use will the high bandwidth network service be to us if we can’t buy data to use it on? Most customers are not pleased with the exorbitant prices of these mtn data plans which have led them to scavenging other telecom operators in search of the best and affordable data plans.

This has being a bone in the throat of Mtn Nigeria and they have sort out ways to nip this in the bud by providing the best mtn tariff plan for data and they even went as far as making it beneficial for calls too.

I can really say that the long for the best mtn tariff plan for data has come to a permanent end. With this best mtn data tariff plan you don’t have any need to look elsewhere, trust me this will definitely suit your data and call needs.

There’s no point beating around the bush by listing or comparing all mtn tariff plans. I’ll just go straight to the point by telling you the best mtn tariff plan for data and the undisputed facts why it is the best.

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Best mtn tariff plan for call and data.

Ever heard of Mtn Pulse? formally known as the Mtn ipulse is currently the best mtn tariff plan for people that want more value for their data purchases. This mtn tariff plan was made exclusively for internet lovers like me, the data benefits you enjoy when on mtn pulse tariff, you’ll never get or enjoy when on other mtn tariff plans.

Not to talk of their flat call rates and data bonuses that comes from just recharging, you can agree with me that mtn pulse is the plan we have all been waiting for. Enough of the talk let’s quickly see the benefits you get to enjoy from this amazing mtn tariff plan.

Mtn pulse tariff plan

First of all do you even know the current tariff plan you’re subscribed to? Most mtn users don’t even know their tariff plan, your money will always suffer this ignorance because you’ll keep receiving less value of your money when you’re in the wrong tariff plan.

Before we proceed first know your current tariff plan by dialing *123#

You’ll have options to choose from;

  • Select 1 – Account Info
  • Select 2 – My Tariff Plan

Press Send/Ok. You will be notified instantly of your current tariff plan. The message goes like this “Yello! You are currently on MTN ……. Thank you!

(If you’re already subscribed to Mtn Pulse skip this paragraph and move to the Benefits of Mtn Pulse for Data and Calls)

If you’re not on Mtn Pulse tariff plan, I really wonder the tariff plan you’ve being using. You must migrate to Mtn Pulse before you can enjoy the benefits, follow through below to migrate.

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Code to migrate to mtn pulse

You can migrate to Mtn Pulse Plan which is the best mtn tariff plan for data by dialing *406#

  • Then Select 1 – Migrate to MTN Pulse

Press Send/Ok. You’ll will receive a message confirming your successful migration to the Mtn Pulse tariff Plan.

Note: If your current tariff plan is not up to a month since you migrated to it, then you’ll be charged 100 naira to migrate to Mtn Pulse. If it’s up to one month you migrated to your current tariff plan then migrating to Mtn Pulse tariff or another tariff is totally free of charge.

Mtn pulse benefits

These benefits are of two types, we have the call rate benefits and the data plan benefits.

Mtn pulse call rate

With Mtn Pulse you’re charged just 11k/sec after being charged 25k/sec for the first 50 seconds of your first call of the day, afterwards you’ll be charged just 11k/sec for the rest of the day. Even Mtn Beta Talk which was thought to be better in calls aspect due to the bonus you get from every recharge, charges a whooping 40k/sec from the bonus.

But going for Mtn Beta Talk because of their recharge bonus is needless because with the Mtn Awuf4u 5x recharge you even get more call bonus from your recharge.

When talking about recharge bonuses, Mtn Pulse gives you 10MB and 20MB from the first week recharge of N100 and N200 etc respectively. That’s to say you don’t only make calls on a very cheap rate, you also get free data to browse that same week on Mtn Pulse.

Mtn pulse data plan

1. Regarding this, it’s no longer news that Mtn Pulse is the only mtn tariff plan that allows you to do midnight browsing at a very flat rate. That’s you can’t subscribe for a midnight plan unless you’re on Mtn Pulse.

Mtn Pulse Night Plan has being a lifesaver ever since it was introduced. Not only is it cheap, it’s very beneficial in helping you save your regular data plan. With as little as 25 naira, you’ll receive 250MB to do whatever you like on the internet from 12am – 5am. 50 naira can also fetch you 500MB for use during midnight from 12am – 5am.

I’ve written an in depth post on the Mtn Pulse Night Plan and How To Activate It you can check it out Here after reading this post.

2. The next benefit of mtn pulse tariff plan is the fact that you can get a three days plan of 750MB for just N300. Your usual mtn regular plans can’t even offer you this.

Their N300 plan which gives 1GB can only be used just for a day, after which it expires whether you exhaust it or not and the other is just 350MB for N300.

But with Mtn Pulse you get 750MB for N300 that you can use for 3 days! comparing the two above plans, you’ll agree that this is better.

To activate this plan dial *406#

  • Select 7 – 750MB @N300

3. If you’re looking for a longer data plan you can go for the Mtn Pulse 1.5GB for N500 which is valid for 7 days!

To activate this plan dial *406#

  • Select 2 – 1.5GB @500

If you’re not eligible for the Mtn N200 for 1gb, then you can go for this plan.

4. Not forgetting the GoodyBag data plan where you can subscribe for your favorite social apps like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, youtube, opera mini etc for as low as N25.

To check it out dial *406#

  • Select 6 – GoodyBag

5. For all my instagram lovers, here’s a good one. Introducing the Mtn Pulse InstaBinge plan which gives you a whooping 1gb for N200 and 250mb for N100 for your best experience on instagram.

To check it out dial *406#

  • Select 5 – InstaBinge

6. You can also stream latest music on Mtn Music+ for just N10 a day

To activate dial *406#

  • Select 3 – Music+ @10

Those are some of the things you can enjoy on the Mtn Pulse tariff plan, be on the lookout by dialing *406# for subsequent blazing offers that might be added to that list.


If you’re looking for the best mtn tariff plan for more data value, bonus and flat call rates then Mtn Pulse is definitely the best choice, joining the mtn pulse will make enjoy all the above data and call benefits and bonuses. If this post was helpful to you, return the love by sharing it to your family and friends using the share buttons, see you on our next post!

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