Ingredients for 7 Days Whitening Black Soap + How to Make it

Ingredients for 7 days whitening black soap 

Black soap is a local soap that has been noted to have several benefits that will be discussed in this text. However, even though it can be locally produced, many do not know how to go about it. That is why this text will also be based on the ingredients needed for 7 days whitening black soap. 

Whitening black soap benefits

Here’s why you should use the whitening black soap

You don’t have to worry about your skin type

Black soap is compatible with almost all the skin types out there—caramel toned skin, fair skin, dark skin, etc. As a result, you don’t have to bother about skin conditions like irritation, acne, red spots, hyper-pigmentation, etc.

The only thing you should worry about is if the soap you are buying has perfumes or other synthetic additives that you may be reactive to.

Black soap can take useful action against bacteria

 Skin conditions caused by bacteria strains like Bacillus spp., Staphylococcus spp., etc. can be gotten rid of with the aid of black soap. The action is even noted to be even more than what is posed by medicated soaps.

It improves the quality of skin

Another good thing about black soap is that it helps to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and other disturbing skin conditions. At least, from recent surveys, it can be seen that the occurrence of acne reduced with the use of black soap over a period of time.

Black soap is a great moisturizer

One of the factors that greatly improve the condition of the skin is the amount of moisture it holds. This can be seen as a result of the inclusion of Shea butter in the list of ingredients to be used.

Glowing skin, slowing ageing, and smooth skin can all be linked to a well moisturized skin. 

It is great for oily skin

Conditions like acne are usually caused by buildup of oils within the pores present in the skin.

Black soap has been noted to deal with this issue as it helps to clean the skin, while ensuring that it is not stripped of the essential oils. What this means is that black soap isn’t harsh on the skin. 


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Ingredients for 7 days whitening black soap 

The ingredients for 7 days whitening black soap include the following;

  • One tablespoon of coconut oil
  • One tablespoon of sandalwood (powder form)
  • Two tablespoons of powdered milk.
  • Two tablespoons of oatmeal (powder form)
  • Two tablespoons of Shea butter
  • Banana peels
  • Two tablespoons of turmeric (powder form)
  • Four tablespoons of honey (raw, pure and 100% original)
  • Five tablespoons of orange peels (powder form)
  • 50ml of lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
  • Rice water (warm)

How to make whitening black soap

To go through with the procedures, you’d need a mortar and pestle, measuring scales, mixing bowls, etc. 

  1. The banana peels to be used here should be free of moisture. You need about eight to ten banana peels. Bake the peels in an oven while ensuring that you flip them over with time. That way, you can ensure that the peels are properly and deeply toasted. 
  2. Set the toasted peels in a mortar and then, crush them into a fine powder with a pestle. You can also use your food processor to get a smooth powder of the toasted peels.
  3. Set a stainless steel pot on fire burning under medium heat and then, add in your rice water. This technique will help you warm up the rice water. By the way, rice water can be obtained by immersing raw grains of rice in water for some days. The immersion usually occurs in a sealed container. 
  4. When the water is warm enough, turn off the cooker and then, add some of it to a mortar. 
  5. You can now add the other ingredients into the mortar to make a mix—the turmeric, banana peel powder, sandalwood powder, and milk. As you mix the ingredients together, ensure that you integrate the rice water intermittently. Note that a food processor can also help you with the mixing. 
  6. The last ingredient you should add to the mixture is lemon juice. 
  7. Stir the mixture until you obtain a mixture of regular and even consistency. If your mixture turns out to be too thick, you can add some water to it to loosen it up. 
  8. Set the mixture into molds or setting containers. After that is done, set foils or nylon wraps across the surface while you wait for the mixture to dry up. Usually, the maximum drying time is about two days. 
  9. Once the mixture has dried and become hard to touch, you can then proceed to cut them into sizes good for usage. 
  10. The next and last phase is to have your soap cured. All you have to do is set the soap on metallic racks or places with plenty of air. That way, the effect of the banana peels added would not be felt. Note that the peel powder usually irritates the skin. 


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