How to Transfer & Share Data Bonus on MTN in 2023?

How to transfer and share data bonus on MTN

How to transfer data bonus on MTN

You are looking to transfer data but want to transfer from your bonus data account instead of the main data account. Bonus data is something everybody looks forward to on every network, and MTN is not left out. I mean, who would not like to get extra on every data purchase?

On the MTN mobile network, you can get data bonuses when you perform certain actions. There are different tariff plans and some gives you data bonus on every recharge. You can also get data bonuses when you buy selected data plans.

Data bonuses most of the time share the same validity period as that of the bundle that gave the bonus. Sometimes, the validity period can be lesser, say 7 days, regardless of that of the main account.

Since your data bonus might likely expire quickly than your main data, it is understandable that you might want to transfer some to friends and family if you think you cannot exhaust it before the end of the validity period. Well, you are in luck if what you are seeking is how to transfer data bonus on MTN.

First to transfer data bonus on MTN, you have to check your balance to know what you have. To check your data bonus balance on MTN, open the dialer app on your phone and dial the code *559*65#.

You can also dial *559*43# to check out more details like a total bonus, earliest bonus to expire, and expiry date. Please note that it is not likely that you can transfer your data bonus. 

To transfer from your data balance to friends and family. Just dial *131*7*1# and follow the prompt. You can also do it by texting Transfer Phone Number Data Amount to 131. For example, you may text “Transfer 01234567891 1700” to 131.


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How to share data bonus on MTN

So if you cannot transfer your data bonus on MTN to another person, can you share it with someone instead?

This question is likely steaming from the fact that sharing data and transferring data are two different things on some other mobile networks.

For instance, on Glo, you can transfer data to another number or decide to share your data bundle usage with the number. In the case of the latter, any data charges incurred by the number will be charged from your data balance. 

On the MTN network however, sharing and transferring data refer to the same thing. You can share on the MTN network by dialing *131*7*1# and following the prompt.

Or sending a text to 131 in the format “Transfer Phone Number Data Amount” . For example“Transfer 01234567891 1700” to 131.

Another way to share data is to use the myMTN app. Open the app. It is assumed you are already logged in. If you haven’t or do not have the app you can go ahead to download and install from the Google play store or app store depending on your device.

  • Login with your phone number. On the app home screen you will see your account details at the top displaying your airtime and data balances.
  • Click “View details” underneath the account information tab.
  • The next screen will show you more details about your account grouped into three different tabs – Data, Airtime and Other balance. Underneath the data tab are different buttons. Click on the Share data button to share data.
  • Enter the recipient’s number in the provided space. You can easily select from the contacts on your phone as well. Select the data amount you wish to share.
  • Click on proceed and then authorize it.

Please note that you can only share bonuses that are shareable. Most of the bonuses on the mtn network are not shareable. 


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